We Didn’t Start The Fire (Billy Joel)

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ONE family’s quick thinking quite possibly prevented a major fire from breaking out at Block 5 Teban Gardens Road last evening. The Yusof family were having dinner when their eldest daughter saw a fiery glow in a 6th floor kitchen across the block from theirs. Flickering flames were then seen, enough for a 995 call to be made.

Meanwhile, their second daughter Fadelinah waited downstairs for help to arrive while her husband took the lift up and went knocking on the doors of the affected unit and its next-door neighbour to warn them about the fire. It turned out that the owner of the apartment wasn’t in and his neighbour simply didn’t open the door. What transpired after that was a blurry chain of events as 3 fire brigade vehicles arrived with their flashing lights and blaring sirens, bringing out the neighbourhood’s curious ones. Firemen were darting all over the place, some trying to find the nearest fire hydrant while the rest ran up the unit. Within minutes, it was all over. A few squirts from the fire extinguisher were all that was needed to put the fire out. After the chaos had died down, statements were taken from the parties who called the fire department.

As a mark of appreciation for the family, they were given plaques commending them for their civic-minded efforts and a SCDF ‘Red Rhino’ for their personal use, especially useful when encountering traffic congestions. Their valiant son-in-law was also made an honorary member of the SCDF and permanently exempted from future military obligations. — Straits Times


OK … the last paragraph is wishful thinking, though some form of appreciation would be good. We DID help nip the fire in the bud before it turned nasty and claim some lives.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 19, 2007.

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