Wedding Date (Blake Neely)

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I don’t attend Chinese wedding dinners that often and in spite of repeated warnings that they always start late, my constant habit of being early for whatever appointments took precedence yet again. It was my colleague’s Linus’ wedding dinner last night, held at Orchid Country Club. The invitation card stated that cocktails would be served at 7 pm followed by dinner half an hour later, with the word ‘punctual’ highlighted. True to form, I arrived at 6.50 pm only to be met by an empty reception area and the wedding couple’s love vehicle, a beige Vespa. Luckily, I had Mr Viceroy for company.

A few familiar faces later arrived and joined me as the chain-smoking continued. The dinner eventually started at 8.30 pm. I was supposed to be at table 15 which was reserved for Muslim dishes, but saw that it was already occupied by a Chinese family saved for 3 empty seats. I pretty much know who they were for and rather not be stuck with them for the rest of the night. Persuaded by Herman, I joined a Non-Muslim table whose occupants I recognised. A quick word with the waiter and his supervisor, I had my Muslim meals sent there instead.

Following the standard video presentation, cake-cutting and toasting, Herman and I made our exits earlier than the rest. Seriously, I hate attending wedding dinners unless I really know them personally.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wedding Date (Blake Neely)”

  1. i hate attending weddings too! but now i have to…almost every week. hehehehe.

  2. At least you receive money for being there. 😛

    The likes of us have to give money. Hehehe.

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