Spam Dance (Speedway 69)

WordPress screwed me the past week … if not longer.

Every single comment I made on other people’s blogs practically disappeared. Even after reposting my comments, nothing surfaced. I was able to reply to comments made by others on my blog though. Thinking that Internet Explorer could be the problem, I changed to Mozilla Firefox. Still no improvement, though I must say I’m totally smittened by the new browser, including the free Comodo softwares … all thanks to pinkyjumbo. You recommended me to a great browser … I stopped you from booking that ‘evil’ hotel for your family in Bangkok. We’ll call it even in that sense.

I sent an e-mail to WordPress last night highlighting the problem and received a prompt reply this morning that it has been solved. Very fast response indeed and to think that I almost wanted to change to another blogging platform out of sheer frustration. My old Blogger account was terminated due to its erraticism and Multiply’s header just irritates the hell out of me. Good old WordPress … sorry I doubted you. You may suck when it comes to your stringent control over third party softwares but at least you can be relied upon for help when it matters.

So can the people on my blogroll please check if any of my comments landed inside your spam folder. I am no spammer … I do not eat pork. 😛

Lame … I know.


~ by blackcadillac73 on December 30, 2007.

8 Responses to “Spam Dance (Speedway 69)”

  1. You have been un-spammed. Comment away ….

    I feel very dizzy reading your blog leh …. like inside Omnitheater liddat.

  2. My blog snow make you dizzy meh? Nehmind … 3 more days snow stop one.

    Then rain come.

  3. no overlook hotel or bates motel for me please! oh and yay another convert! have u tried out the openoffice suite? just need some getting used to then you can wean yourself off the microsuck softwares 😀

  4. Not so fast lah … I still need to wait for your friend to pimp my laptop next week. 😛

  5. Just saw your comments abt my Vegas trip in my spam today. So not sure if you made any other comments. So not my fault ah. I didn’t ignore – I just didn’t seem them. Just thought you should know.

  6. My WordPress account has been acting up lately. Made a few comments on yours I think … but all disappeared.

    Boise Triangle eh?

  7. heheh – don’t talk about the triangle – i’ve got a paranoia abt the Bermuda Triangle after watching those damn David Copperfield shows.

  8. You ah … go to Las Vegas but never take picture with him. Aiyahhh!

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