Hong Kong Blues (Hoagy Carmichael)

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I had a sudden craving for something simple last night and that’s why our family went in. The rice congee with its accompaniments displayed in front of the entrance looked tempting. But the one served to me wasn’t even close. The century egg and garnishes, including the soya sauce were missing. And what was the waiter’s response when I asked for them?

“Finished already.”

At least have the decency to inform me the main items of the meal were finished before taking my order idiot! If I wanted to eat just plain porridge, I could have done it at home. The rest of the food the family ordered were tasteless as well. A pair of salt and pepper shakers should be  made available on the table if your cooks can’t produce decent Hong Kong fare, and not just packets of chargable wet tissues and biscuits.

Tong Shui Cafe, TSC in short, with over 600 menu items and Halal certification easily rates as being my worst Chinese food experience with bad waiting staff to boot. The one we went to was at Changi Airport Terminal 2. They even have pastas and other Western dishes. Get your basic Chinese food in order first before embarking on others! Nabeyyy!!!

Apart from the bird’s nest soup served in a martini glass, the rest should have cost lesser. The damage? $106 for light supper for 6 pax. Another one to go into my black list.

~ by blackcadillac73 on December 31, 2007.

10 Responses to “Hong Kong Blues (Hoagy Carmichael)”

  1. BC: my main pet peeve!! Its pretty frustrating when they decide to “forget” informing you the un-available main stuff while they take your order. I recall one of my past experience… I actually went in the kitchen and make my un-satisfactory thought known to the Chef, then walked out and looked for the sod who was the outlet Manager. I can turn into a real tigress when it comes to my food.

    In my restaurant- Chini- the first thing I train them is to coordinate with the kitchen and to let customers know beforehand what has run out. Customers, I find, appreciate this more.

  2. Wow … tigress indeed! Telling off the chef! I have yet to reach that level, normally the manager would bear the brunt.

    Where’s Chini by the way?

  3. you shud try razack. cheap and good.

  4. Ahhh … went to Razack’s before. Good personable service. But every time we pass by Changi Road, we always end up at Mak’s Place instead. 😛

  5. Hi BC: it wasnt a normal circumstances when I did what I did. Usually the Manager would be sufficient to deal with all these craps, although there are crappy OM sometimes.

    Chini is in KK, BC. Heres the link: http://chini-restaurant.tripod.com.

    Long story but Ive just given up the outlet to my ex in exchange of something else, but I guess I left my legacy there as the first Malay outlet in KK to have a show kitchen and the cleanest toilet you that you can roll on the floor.

  6. The restaurant sure looks clean and the nasi lemak bungkus appetising.

    A toilet floor that you can roll on? Now that’s a first. 🙂

  7. Well…it did pushed a bit there..lol..but after if you had seen most of the toilets in KK…you will know what I mean.

  8. KK takes a whole different meaning in Singapore … Kandang Kerbau (Hospital). Hhmmm …

  9. I was here yesterday for “breakfast” with 11 other people. It was a totally different experience though! The manager was very accommodating and the food was surprisingly good, to the point that I kept thinking and talking about it today 😛 We’re even planning of going back there today for dinner. But all I see are bad reviews online…

  10. Perhaps you were the first customers of the day. Must treat nicely mah and make sure no complaints … if not sure got no RUCK one.

    Once was enough for us, never again.

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