28 Days Later (Danny Boyle)

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It’s been a while since Fadelinah and I went out to catch a movie. Not that there’s nobody to take charge of Ooyah if we really want to. Besides, our supply of DVDs is back on track. 😉

Been wanting to watch 28 Days Later for so long and only managed to get hold of the DVD last week. I know 28 Weeks Later is already out but anal me prefer to see almost anything in their proper order. That’s why I hate the fact that the Star Wars series is all screwed up. Why bother to watch the prequel trilogy when you already know the ending?

Anyway, 28 Days Later was a trip. Definitely beats other zombie flicks. Directed by Danny Boyle, who also did Trainspotting, and starring relatively unknown actors like Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris … at least to me. They originally had Ewan McGregor in mind as the lead actor before offering it to Leonardo DiCaprio. Thank God that didn’t materialise.

The cinematography is great and the fact that you can see London totally devoid of occupants apart from the actors is chilling. A lot of work apparently went into making that happen, one involving the director roping in good-looking women to stop the traffic hoping that the drivers would be co-operative. I reckon the movie’s scenario would be similar to Francis Lawrence’s I Am Legend, though I still think the British make better movies.

Now … it’s time to get 28 Weeks Later next.


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “28 Days Later (Danny Boyle)”

  1. I’ve got ’28 Weeks Later’ from my friendly across the causeway DVD peddler 😉 Not as good as it’s prequel though. My favourite zombie movie is still ‘Dawn of the Dead’ both the original & remake (hantu gini aku tak takut!). Eh, we’ve got stacks of unwatched DVDs at home but still going to the cinema, siao or not? And the Brits DO make better movies.

  2. You got ah??? Then lent to me leh. Bring it tomorrow so that I can pick it up from you while your friend pimp my laptop.

    I’ve already seen Dawn Of The Dead. Not bad.

    I also like this zombie-vampire flick … From Dusk Till Dawn. Got ‘nice’ Salma Hayek dancing scene ohhh. 🙂

  3. Canlah, in exchange for Gunung Patah Belakang 😉 Amacam, set?

  4. Tak dapat cari Gunung Patah Belakang kat rumah lah.

    Mesti dah kena curi si Gay Police ni!

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