Bay Of Figs (Marc Houle)

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I guess this place needs no introduction, especially to those who adhere to only Halal-certified restaurants. Fig & Olive, with 5 outlets in Singapore and 2 in Malaysia. First of all, I don’t think Malaysians are that hard up for good food. They have plenty and there’s no need to patronise a so-called ‘upscale’ cafe & bistro to satisfy their cravings.

Yes … I have been warned by quite a few people on the restaurant’s food standard. So why the hell did we go into their Vivocity branch last Saturday night? Firstly, I was too bloody hungry after finishing work. Secondly, it had to be done … I needed to know just how bad it is.

Fizah, Fadelinah, Ooyah and I chose whatever we fancied and decided to order, and that took quite a while as none of the waiters seemed to want to make eye contact. Service wasn’t impolite and the order didn’t take that long to arrive (microwave maybe?). I ordered only Sicilian Tuna Penne with a glass of guava juice. OK … I made a mistake. I thought the logo next to the menu was supposed to mean Chef’s Recommendations, I didn’t realise it indicated dishes lower in fat, salt and sugar. Tell-tale signs of crappy food. I finished it nonetheless. Hungry whattt …

Fadelinah’s Chicken Pesto Carbonara was tasteless. But Fizah’s Fig Surprise Sandwich took the cake. What the fuck was that? It looked like something I came up with back in my secondary school days after salvaging whatever little edible food there was in the refrigerator and tossing them on a burger bun.

If it’s any consolation to Fig & Olive, Ooyah seemed to enjoy her Fish & Chips. Hhmmm … a ‘Halal’ eating establishment better lay to rest my ‘belief’. Soon!

~ by blackcadillac73 on January 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Bay Of Figs (Marc Houle)”

  1. Haha! We found out how bad F&O is a loooong time ago. Never again will I let their food touch my mouth! 😀

  2. Aiyahhh … all these ‘Hala’ places ahhh … ripping people off with bad food. Just like *cough* 2 Hot Halal Cafe *cough* and *cough* Ramen Ten *cough*.

    Give me the hawker centre and coffee shop makcik food anytime.

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