MM .. Food (MF Doom)

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A bowl of beancurd and a roll of beef kebab, from Rochor Original Beancurd and Sultan Kebab respectively. My two purchases after last Friday’s prayer at Bencoolen Mosque. If I had gone to Al-Falah Mosque as usual, I’d probably end up inside Takashimaya or Centrepoint straight afterwards, making impulse purchases. Not a good thing for the wallet.

The sermon in Bencoolen Mosque is in Tamil which I don’t understand, thereby my reluctance to go there unless I’m really late. The location though is thriving with food haunts. Something to consider the next time around.

I love the beancurd, which was as smooth as silk to the tastebud and to think that I’ve never bought from them previously due to the long queue. I’m quite sure a lot of Singaporeans already know about this place and their family squabbles through the newspapers, and also of the ‘other’ outlet created by one of the children. Anyway, the excellent taste justify more visits from me at least.

Sultan Kebab was a disappointment though. Perhaps I bought the wrong item in their menu. The beef tasted quite dry, albeit being the more popular meat at the cafe. Nevertheless, to justify pinkyjumbo’s (can still use the nickname ah?) fascination with the partners’ so-called good looks, I will give them one more chance. At least they don’t look like Daud Yusof. 😐


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “MM .. Food (MF Doom)”

  1. Ok, now I’m jealous. I crave for beancurd all the time. It was what I lived on when I was pregnant! awwww – not you reminded me 😦

  2. That beancurd shop rocks! And to think that I don’t really like soya bean and any of its by-products.

  3. wahhh ini kes cari pasal! first you insult my hensem kebab-maker. then you insult pujaan-hatiku daud yusof. GRRR!

    i had the chicken kebab earlier, okay what??? tapi disebabkan kau lah kebab, handphone aku commit suicide dalam puddle 😥

  4. You Turkish-sucker you! Even if they serve you rotten bananas on a stinking dory fish, you still think it tastes good. 😉

    Hhmmm … looks like your handphone doesn’t smell plasticy brand new as before after its afternoon dip huh? Hehehe … *evil laughter*

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