Passport To An Entry (Freeky)

“Mana passport lagi satu?”

Words enough to send you panicking especially when you’re in a foreign country. Never mind the fact that you’re only about a kilometre away from your homeland.

Someone lost her passport last Sunday night and the circumstance that contributed to its loss is rather vague. Did the Malaysian immigration staff return all 7 of our passports? Or was it accidentally dropped at AEON Tebrau City? If it was the former, the blame could go either way. The Immigration Department of Malaysia is not exactly Singaporeans’ best friend due to its sometimes lax attitude when registering tourist arrivals, especially during festive seasons. People have been jailed before due to unstamped passports or missing immigration cards, all thanks to daydreaming immigration staff.

The fact that one female staff was busy flirting with a male colleague and didn’t check the number of people in the car before stamping our passports, should have been a clear signal of things to come. And this happened twice. Another officer failed to do the same upon our return at her counter, missing 1 passport but we were let through. We then went to the main office looking for someone who could assist in our predicament.

The senior officer in charge told us to go to Gelang Patah Police Station to make a police report so that we can gain entry back to Singapore. Further probing on the likelihood of them checking with the staff who attended to us earlier were met with adamant replies. He even casually stated that as long Fadelinah had her identity card, maybe she could just show it to Singapore’s immigration side to pass through. So easy meh?

I had half-expected that things could have gone more smoothly if some bribery was involved, not that we would partake in any. I recall an incident a few years ago in Langkawi where Haizam and I were pulled over to the side by the the traffic police and basically questioned over silly details of our rented motorcycle, obviously hoping to make a quick profit.

Anyway, common sense prevailed and we headed for Gelang Patah Police Station. Upon reaching the place, a police constable filled out a report before saying that they don’t have the necessary stamp to complete the report. He asked us to go to Tanjung Kupang Police Station to get it stamped. And this at close to midnight.

To cut a long story short, our nocturnal adventure finally ended around 1 and a half hours later, all thanks to the following group of people.

  • The constable at Gelang Patah Police Station, who was ever helpful with his advice and self-drawn map.
  • The 2 Malay girls at the ‘happening’ warung, for bothering to lead us the way along the unlit road to the second police station with their motorcycle.
  • The constable at Tanjung Kupang Police Station, who decided to skip ‘protocol’ and issue us the stamp after official hours anyway.
  • The old Chinese woman at that dilapidated coffee shop, for providing warm water for Ooyah’s milk without charge.

Is it just me or are the younger officers in the uniformed groups more helpful and accommodating than their senior and more experienced counterparts?


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 9, 2008.

10 Responses to “Passport To An Entry (Freeky)”

  1. aiyoh so leceh! that’s why each time before leaving the counter must check whether all the passports are returned eh? can’t trust ’em! let me share with you another kentang moment. this one time the husband got turned around at the checkpoint because he brought his daughter’s passport instead of his own. 😆

  2. I guess ‘kentangness’ runs in the family eh? 😛

    Mistakes before going into Malaysia is alright. Mistakes after you’re in is a bitch!

  3. Hey
    Didn’t Fada lose her passport few years ago too? hehehe
    I remember vaguely some incident with her passport while we were in Fuhua but can’t remember what.

  4. Who else but your good friend … always losing things.

    I think 1 more passport lost and she’ll be banned by ICA.

  5. haha – but I better not laugh so much. I’m absent-minded and always, not losing, but misplacing things.

  6. You 2 same2. She misplace things but blame me!

  7. when it comes to the malaysia immigrations & customs ppl, i have only one suitable word. MENYAMPAH!

  8. Hushhh … Cik Zalin oiii.

    Sekali dorang dapat tahu awak MENYAMPAH kat dorang … nanti dorang tak kasi awak balik Singapore kang.

  9. Wow, that’s one pricey lesson learnt at Fadelinah’s expense.

    Were there lots of ppl in the car with you? If there were a lot of passports, then yea lah, wanna get out of there asap, no time to count and check if they stamped on the pages. I guess every time when they take our passports, we have to watch them and not be distracted, huh. So darn leceh.

  10. A valuable lesson learnt definitely. And from now onwards, we will count and check every single passport right in front of the immigration staff. Who cares if we’re holding up the cars behind or have to bear with their nauseous flirtations.

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