Love At First Sight (Kylie Minogue)

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When Jeremy met Ooyah. That would have been a more appropriate title. 🙂

I am beginning to accept the fact that my daughter might end up with a Chinese boy in the future. Malay boys don’t seem to attract her, lest they’re Chinese-looking. Neither do younger boys. She tends to want to play with only the older kids. A good example being the encounter we had with a Japanese couple and their male toddler at Pacific Coffee Company’s outlet in Vivocity. The younger and smaller toddler was smiling and waving at Ooyah only to be met by a loud shout from her refusing his advances. Needless to say, the couple thought we had a feisty and arrogant toddler in our hands.

Then one older Chinese boy who was with his family at a nearby table managed to attract Ooyah’s attention. His wave was quickly replied back together with her megawatt smile. I have to hand it to him for having the balls to come up to us and make small talk, while at the same time placing his left arm over my daughter. His name is Jeremy. A smooth talker indeed, though he did it very politely. The killer punch was when he asked Fadelinah for our house phone number, so that he could talk to Ooyah. I couldn’t take it anymore and just laugh my lungs out. Fadelinah then informed him in a sweet way … “But she can’t talk.”.Our house number was still given; his bravery had to be rewarded somehow.

They then walked together around the whole coffee joint, checking out the magazines displayed and also each other. The conversation was one-sided though. As we were leaving the place, they even hugged each other.

No point denying destiny.


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 11, 2008.

8 Responses to “Love At First Sight (Kylie Minogue)”

  1. That’s Pacific Coffee kan? And the cushion on swing bench looked damned disgusting when I last saw it.

  2. Ooopsss … Pacific Coffee Company not Gloria Jean’s … changed liao. Keep going to either one every time that the names are all screwed up.

    Never had a chance to sit on the swing so don’t know how funky it is.

  3. BC: welcome to the thrilling experience of menjaga anak dara…lol…all the best. Ill drop by once in a while to lend you guys some parental support.

  4. Hhmmm … not easy guarding daughters from all these casanovas eh? 🙂

  5. Ha, thats why la they say its easier to take care of a herd of cows than a daughter..Ive had my fair share with my own daughter. A list of things that you may want to request later on from prospective partner of Ooyah – tax return, health card, among other things. Trust me, you will come up with some weird stuff later on.

  6. Maybe there’s something to look forward to after all. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with lots of weird requirements for them to adhere to. Hehehe …

  7. The boy actually asked for your phone number so he could talk to Ooyah?? That’s so sweet!!! I guess only time will tell when they’ll both meet again.

  8. Yup … these Casanovas start really young these days. Another Sepet movie in the making perhaps? 😛

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