Lunar Crush (David Fiuczynski & John Medeski)

Making travel arrangements for Chinese New Year can be a real hassle with most free-and-easy packages to nearby countries fully booked. I will undoubtedly be free for more than a week from 7th February onwards since the showroom, like others, will be devoid of walk-in customers. Our original plan to visit Siam Reap has to be changed to another destination. All thanks to some people who don’t know the value of celebrating the festive season with families and relatives; more likely trying to escape from handing out hong-baos.

The list of Plan B destinations shortlisted.

  • Nha Trang
  • Krabi
  • Lombok
  • Langkawi

Fuck it! All the flights to these places have also been fully booked. Eh korang ni tak tahu duduk rumah makan kuaci diam2 ke? Semua holiday korang nak sapu!

Heading further out is not an option, time-wise and cost-wise. The rest in the group can only spare 4 days, so spending half the trip time in a plane is ridiculous and there is no way we’re going to spend more than 1K per pax for such a short trip. Besides, we have a further and more costly trip to plan for.

The only option right now is going to Malaysia by car. The thought of heading to Cameron Highlands and perhaps Cherating in Pahang came to mind, but after calculating the drive time, it proved not to be such a good idea after all, taking into account Ooyah’s new-found hobby of running and not sitting still for too long.

Damn it! I think it’s going to be another trip to either Kuala Lumpur or Batam again. 😦


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 20, 2008.

8 Responses to “Lunar Crush (David Fiuczynski & John Medeski)”

  1. aiyahhh CNY blackout period lah bro. have you guys thought of Malacca? short drive up but not as much shopping opportunities like KL/Batam lah.

  2. Malacca is a ghost town during CNY lah, as the rest of Malaysia. Will be checking with the travel agencies one last time tomorrow. Hoping for a miracle.

  3. Ok, ignoring the fact that you don’t want to spend more than $1K per person and NOT spend too much time on a plane, any chances of Boise being an option? :p

  4. Boise? That one needs to be planned in conjunction with other nearby locations like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and not forgetting Las Vegas. Must make full use of the trip mahhh.

    Let me count my money first.

    5 cents … 10 cents … 20 cents …

  5. Try to call direct with the hotel/resort – sometimes they *do* have rooms available, but for CNY, see your luck how lah. BTW, BVBR already said to me that CNY dah full – the waiter told me, not the frontdesk. 😛

  6. The funny thing is when I checked online, a travel booking site stated there are 2 rooms available at the resort, but when I called the hotel directly to confirm, the front desk staff stated they were fully booked. Don’t know which one to trust.

    The nearby Indonesian islands tend to be the first to be booked by all these hong-bao defectors. Nabeyyy!!!

  7. yea… frustrating, isn’t it…

    They will have to keep a few rooms vacant just in case their guests complain of aircon breakdown or something else unfortunate. That was what I was told. But, I don’t understand why they just emailed me their CNY promo flyer… I’ll forward it to you in a bit.

  8. Looks like every single hotel I called or e-mailed is booked solid even if it’s supposedly available online.

    There’s a ‘belief’ about insisting on having rooms supposedly unavailable. Hhmmm …

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