Sakura Drops (Hikaru Utada)

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Fadelinah gave the whole family a birthday treat at Sakura International Buffet the previous Sunday. We’ve been to their outlet at Jurong West Sports & Recreation Centre before, and this particular one is located at Clementiwood Park, offering a better ambience on top of a hill, if you can call it that. It’s 1 out of 3 Halal outlets under their chain, the other 5 are not.

For the price charged per person, the place does offer value-for-money with its large variety of food to tempt almost anyone’s taste bud, on 2 separate floors at that. Quality-wise, most were passable though I still think the sushi range offered was crap. Anyway, I’ve always been wary of raw fish available at buffet spreads.

The only items that caught my eyes were the pizzas and sishamos. However, the pizzas turned out to be cold and I had to repeatedly order the sishamos since only 2 little ones were sent every time. There were also satays, but only chicken, which I didn’t really fancy. I prefer mutton satays with the fatty bits stuck in between. 😛

Overall, it’s still a place worth considering to eat with family or friends. Just don’t get all dressed up thinking it’s a hoity-toity joint … like what we saw some people doing. No high-class restaurants serve buffets.


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sakura Drops (Hikaru Utada)”

  1. Cold pizza?? 😦 Any chance of getting them reheated?

  2. Probably could have. Then again, they were already placed under some sort of heaters when I took them.

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