Get Here (Oleta Adams)

Blame it on the bad renditions on American Idol and the missus not knowing who the original singer was. I did cover her briefly in this earlier post.

I present to you Oleta Adams.


~ by blackcadillac73 on January 25, 2008.

10 Responses to “Get Here (Oleta Adams)”

  1. hajjah siti selalu nyanyi lagu ni tau… hihi

  2. Hajjah Siti? Ooohhh … yang pakai seluar tinggi cam banjir kat Kampung Awah tu eh?

  3. Not sure if you go blog-hopping but thought you may like these 2 blogs. They’re quite funny and well-written.

  4. I think I’ve seen them linked by a few of the other bloggers, especially the first one.

    Definitely will be visiting these humourous blogs.

  5. Hey – why is your new post password-protected? Personal? But I’m still kaypoh lah.

  6. Password protected because some ‘people’ called me creepy! Hehehe.

    No lahhh … just one of those posts that has been left in the drafts section for too long and been collecting dust. Nothing about family or close friends, just aimed at real creeps.

    Chinese New Year coming mahhh … must do spring cleaning, throw out old things and start anew. Later got no RUCK!

  7. Ofcourse creepy what! Sit on the sidewalk like apek suspiciously :p
    I’ve also been trying to do some spring cleaning, actually winter cleaning – but still no RUCK!!! Those damn banana-skins – taking away all our RUCK!

  8. Where got creepy … cute got lah … hehehe.

  9. Thanks for the advice on my blog! 🙂 Gosh I love songs from the past, somehow they seem much more emotional. Since you design kitchens, you must know how to cook?

  10. You’re welcome. True, I design kitchens, but I rather let my ‘resident cooks’ do all the work since they are better than me and the food taste delicious. If I were to do it, you need to have a bottle of Bismac in hand … just in case. 😛

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