The Wedding Samba (Edmundo Ros)

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The first wedding that I attended this year, that of the daughter of Mak’s good friend. Thank God it was held within Jurong area and not some far out places like Pasir Ris. I wouldn’t want to spend a few hours travelling to and fro on my valuable monthly Sunday off.

The wedding was held at an open space within West Coast Town Council’s Boon Lay office. Quite an airy environment and not claustrophobic like most void deck wedding venues. The food was so-so though the host did mention to Mak that it was a Catch-22 situation; the cook happened to be the host’s sister who threatened to boycott the wedding if she wasn’t made the cook for the event. Boleh gitu?

I always think it’s better for outsiders to be given the task of preparing for any personal events. At least if something’s not up to the mark, you can always screw them without hesitation. More than likely, things tend to work out fine when nobody assumes you’ll give them some leeway.

The thing I cannot fathom when it comes to Malay weddings is the need for most to engage DJs and have karaoke jukeboxes for aspiring Singapore Idol or Anugerah guests. A few do sing fairly well, though most will bring out a downpour with their croaking voices. Most DJs tend to be irritating rather than entertaining. Yesterday’s looked like a wrinkly version of Nash from Lefthanded complete with a bandana, churning out lame jokes that only he found funny.

The only important thing for any wedding ceremonies is for the guests to have delicious fulfilling meals and be entertained. Splurge on a reputable cook with an efficient staff of waiters and ushers, and also engage groups like Sriwana and Sri Mahligai to entertain; rather then spending a bomb on useless berkats. As much as I love the international music scene, nothing beats having traditional Malay musicians and dancers, something I truly appreciate these people for by gracing my own wedding a few years ago.

The only setback would be the pakciks and makciks lingering for hours, subconciously smiling as they remember the good old days and also old flames.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 4, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Wedding Samba (Edmundo Ros)”

  1. Music must not be too loud too. The two weddings we went to last weekend had LOUD music. Kuda-kepang, btw the way! 😉

    I wanna go to a wedding, not a club. Scared the kids for a while.

  2. Some of these freaking DJs think they’re from Mediacorp Radio. Probably been listening to too many AB Shakesss.

    Weddings are not my cup of tea. You can buy 4D when you see me attending one.

  3. That last para got me chuckling! *hahaaaa* Not that I was one of the makciks [haven’t reached that rank yet… uh, actually have, but mentally just don’t want to lah] but have caught a few who got a bit too excited when it’s *not* their wedding… Anyways, think Malay weddings are wayyy overrated… agree??? 😀 Not that I’d not want to invite everyone, but I would love a very small n private one with only my closest family and friends present – then got meaning u know, bride pun tak segan kena stared at. 😀 And the cook will also have less stress. 🙂 But how to have a small private wedding when I have at least 500 relatives *sigh* Anyway, very seldom do I get to go to a wedding reception where the food is good. Sometimes I go to one at 2pm and there is no food left! How embarrassing, right.

  4. Weddings should be organised according to the couple’s means. Irregardless of the size of the guest list, as long as no ‘charity’ is involved, the couple should be proud.

    Some people borrow money from parents and relatives just to have their ‘dream’ weddings. And there are those that take pride in being ‘sponsored’. 😉

    Kalau takde duit … jangan kahwin. It’s as simple as that.

  5. I cannot agree with u more @ “Kalau takde duit … jangan kahwin.” I sooooooo cannot stand it when women talk/blog/brag/dream about how much they’re paying for their wedding. $25k and above. So the wedding reception and the cost is more important, aye… not the marriage…? It’s just really senseless… u know? But then I guess to each his own… some people will splurge on weddings, while others splurge on electronics. *hehee*

  6. Senseless is giving a PSP as a wedding gift. Strange but true!

  7. Sarah looks just too cute in her little white number 🙂 – and she’s just so professional with her spoon!

  8. The little princess is very particular about holding her own cutlery and no longer interested in people feeding her. Eksyen like that.

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