Road Trips & Nose Dives (Block)

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It was expected to be one of those run-of-the-mill holidays. We’ve been to Malacca countless times, be it with family or friends. The only reason we embarked on this particular road trip was because we ran out of feasible choices for further or more adventurous ones, especially with Ooyah in tow.

We started the trip a day in advance since we were let off work earlier and also to avoid being stuck in a heavier traffic jam on Chinese New Year itself. Our first stop was in Johor Baru where we spent a night at The Zon Regency Hotel by the sea. Retail and food therapies are available within the hotel’s compounds, doing away with any need for transportation. After dinner at Nando’s, we went back to the room to watch television before calling an early night.

The next day, we headed for Malacca. It took longer than expected due to the slow traffic heading into Ayer Keroh toll, and I was already having a headache by the time we reached Renaissance Melaka Hotel. Making things worst was the fact that the reception staff who took our booking screwed up and gave us rooms with twin beds rather than king-size ones. It took quite a while before the hotel manager came down to apologise stating that none was available and assured us he will try to get the specified rooms the following day. We were wishing our preferred Hotel Equatorial Melaka had not been booked solid, so that we could just leave and stay there instead.

But what this hotel lacks in efficiency was made up for by its Club lounge. Definitely better than Equatorial’s with the food and drinks variety. Most of the staff were polite and accommodating; perhaps they’ve been warned about us. Even our daily breakfasts took place in a private room. A treatment so strikingly different from the one we got at their ground floor cafe where we had diluted teh tariks and frozen apple struddles, while dressed in our pyjamas. A quick ‘chat’ with the expressionless cafe manager and our bill was halved.

Back in the rooms, apart from watching DVDs, we tried playing board games we brought along. Was unsuccessful with The Game of Life since Ooyah kept pulling out components off the game board. The only time we managed to play properly was with Monopoly, when Ooyah was sleeping. Fadelinah tried her best to muffle the beeping sounds of the electronic card machine every time a transaction was done.

Due to the heavy traffic in Malacca, our town exploration was limited to only a few shopping areas like Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan. Fadelinah wanted to buy some rattan gifts at the latter and found herself manning the stall temporarily as the proprietor left to pick up the goods. We also dropped by a shop along Jalan Temenggong selling spices at warehouse prices. I have no idea why we would need kilos of cloves and cinnamon sticks, though I did pick up some sandalwood. A very effective medicine for those who know.

The highlight of the trip was supposed to be our seafood feast but having lost some valuable time, we had to make do with a place that was nearer to our hotel. We headed to the Portuguese Settlement. It was quite an eye-opener, having been more familiar with the Malay, Indian and Chinese settlers to see a district made up of almost entirely Eurasians. Saw quite a few young girls who would give Shakira a run for her money. The area is especially bustling during Fiesta San Pedro which happens from 23rd to 3oth June annually. The open-air food stalls’ popularity probably owed to the seaside setting (if the grimy rocks can be considered as such) but the seafood wasn’t that great. I think we were ripped off and having patronised a stall with pushy staff, I don’t foresee another visit anytime soon.

Whereas for Ooyah, apart from having a ball checking out every nooks and crannies of the hotel rooms and pulling out rolls after rolls of toilet paper in the bathrooms, she enjoyed her swimming pool dips. So much so that she refused to leave even after her lips were starting to turn worryingly bluish. Has yet to experience the ocean this girl. Never mind, 2 weeks later and she will.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 11, 2008.

12 Responses to “Road Trips & Nose Dives (Block)”

  1. Is this your first trip alone with Sarah without the extended family – just friends? How exciting 🙂 – we hope to make a trip with some friends in a couple of months too 🙂

  2. It was our first trip with Ooyah and just friends only. The maiden Ooyah Clan trip will be in 2 weeks’ time I reckon. Some place where she can get a first hand encounter with Mr Nemo and friends.

  3. Lucky girl – that’s one of the things I want to do when I come back with Divya for a holiday – take her to the beach – otherwise she’ll be a country un-doh who has never been to the beach – no beach here 😦
    And the beach is one of my most favourite places on earth 🙂

  4. Come back soon lah so we can join forces and conquer 1 little island not far from Sincapour.

  5. fad ade tokoh jadi towkay kedai 😆 ! it’s nice to be out of the country eh? can’t wait for the next trip!

  6. Towkay kedai? Baru kira duit muka dah stress.

    Yup … the tarmac is always greyer on the other side. 🙂

  7. Somehow the traffic is always bad just before the Ayer Keroh toll… Melaka must be a very popular destination. How was it at the checkpoints coming back?

  8. As expected, coming back was even worst. We thought we had been given a reprieve when the auxiliary police directed us to the route for coaches to ease the congestion … only to be stuck behind some cars that took really long to clear. The immigration staff at the counter had to come out every time to check the car’s occupants since the viewing panel was elevated above the cars’ roof. 😛

  9. Wow… What day was that? It took us only 10 mins to clear both JB and SGP checkpoints on Sunday nite at around 9pm. We were all VERY surprised!! If only every weekend could be this good. Oh btw, that was Causeway, not Second Link.

  10. Like most, we returned on Sunday, but through the Second Link. Weird isn’t it? Almost everybody expected the Causeway to be jammed up that night and it wasn’t.

  11. Hello,
    I just need to know where you came up with “Road trips and nose dives (Block)”

    The reason I ask is that (Block) was the name of a band I was in, and our second album release was entitled “Road Trips and Nose Dive”.

  12. I always pull out song titles from to use as titles for my blog posts. In this case, road trips. 🙂

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