Endless Renovation (Subarachnoid Space)

It’s been more than a week of putting up with noise and dust coming from our neighbouring units, all thanks to HDB’s ‘smart’ flat allocations. We’ve stayed here slightly more than 3 years although our group of blocks were constructed more than 8 years ago and to-date more than a quarter are still vacant, not for the lack of applicants but rather them not being released for purchase. A few people we know tried a year ago and were told that they were not available, although columns of empty units are clearly visible when one stands in the centre of the atrium. We only realised that a few have been sold after renovation works started taking place this month, notably below and beside our apartment. So almost everyday at around 8 am, we wake up assisted by an ‘unpurchased alarm clock’ as jackhammers ripped through the units flooring. Ironically, the person most expected to be bothered by the noise simply sleep through it all and only wakes up when the din has died down.

Frankly, I’m getting sick of living in Jurong West. Jurong Point basically transforms into a foreign workers’ hangout during weekends that I detest any form of request by Fadelinah to buy anything within the shopping centre while on the way home. The crowds at the fast food chains and supermarket triple in size and queuing becomes a real test of patience. Even walking through the shopping centre becomes a major obstacle course.

This apartment didn’t come cheap (similar-size flats across the road cost 70K lesser) but we still went ahead with the purchase as we already fell in love with the wrought iron balcony. 3 years down the road and the balcony has lost its charm. We intend to sell the apartment in 2 years’ time and hopefully break even when the sale goes through. The only chance of profit would be if the completion of the following nearby structures play a part:

  • Construction of The Centris condominium
  • Construction of River Valley High School
  • Construction of Safra Club
  • Expansion of Jurong Point
  • Expansion of bus interchange

I’ve lived in the southern, eastern and western part of Singapore so far, with the last being least likable. The only direction this time around would be north, hopefully in a small condominium unit.


~ by blackcadillac73 on February 22, 2008.

4 Responses to “Endless Renovation (Subarachnoid Space)”

  1. I know you guys would probably want a new flat in a couple of years’ time – but if I had the chance ever, I would love to go back and live in my old HDB flat in Holland V – the “point” block near the swimming pool – it’s still peaceful despite the Holland V crowds – sigh.

  2. Let me guess … Block 22? Completed one project in that block a few years ago. Very good location!

  3. come live in amk lah… very good location… everywhere is within 1 hour’s journey. no workers in or around the mall… just plenty of uncles and aunties. and have to get used to the air and noise pollution all year round. πŸ˜€

    truth be told, i would LOVE to get out of this farkin island…! *hahaa*

  4. Hmmm … so which one is giving out the air and noise pollution? The uncles or the aunties? πŸ˜‰

    Isn’t that the case for many of us here? Wishing to get out of Sincapour and live somewhere else less competitive and cut-throat.

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