Your Arsenal (Morissey)

Could it be the turning point?

That my beloved Arsenal is faltering, making way for Manure to clinch the Premier League title … yet again. If last night’s game was anything to go by, things may just be heading downhill from now on. How can you let the opponents run rings around your penalty area during the last few seconds of the game. One smart ass would definitely take the opportunity to dive in the penalty box at the slightest tap of his body, and get that all important goal.

So what would have been 3 points in the bag ended up as just 1, after that penalty was converted.

It was a night that Arsenal should have won, after THAT horrific tackle by an asshole on Eduardo. So gory that I couldn’t bear to post the video or image online. Felt sorry for the Croatian. Hopefully the injury doesn’t end his whole career.

This year should be Arsenal’s. Not Manure’s. And definitely not Liverfool’s.

~ by blackcadillac73 on February 24, 2008.

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