Toys In The Attic (Aerosmith)

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After our meals at House of Briyani, Ooyah and I ventured into Kandahar Street and stumbled upon a gem of a place that displays toys from bygone eras, specifically those from the 50’s to 70’s. It’s called Children Little Museum and they charge an entrance fee of $2 for anybody who’s interested to browse the displays and encourage trying out the various toys.

Not only were toys displayed, but also items that children of the 70’s would definitely identify with, like school books and badges of schools no longer in existent. I tried looking for my Cantonment Primary School badge but didn’t find it though. What I did recognise and remember fondly were my old Madrasah text books and various old school games that I used to play with my friends back then. The one that cracked me up was the tikam2 banner that I was addicted to and spent most of my daily allowances on. For 10 cents, you had the chance of winning toys and even electronic gadgets like a Kodak 110mm camera. It was such a privilege to own one back then. 😛

The owner also let us watch a vintage Tom & Jerry cartoon through the peeping holes of his mobile cinema. Apart from that, there are also display booths depicting olden days bookstore and mama’s store. Among the many items displayed are DIY toys that involved only the use of items like a match box and a rubber band. It’s amazing how something so simple was so amusing.

I couldn’t help but buy a few traditional games like marbles, pick-up-sticks and kuti2. On the way out, I also saw a few Spaceman watches for sale. Very tempting indeed since I’ve been looking for a retro watch to add to my collection. Maybe on another visit?


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Toys In The Attic (Aerosmith)”

  1. Interesting! I’m sure I’ll find something there that’ll take me back to the past. Photography allowed?

  2. Photography definitely allowed.

    I think 2 brothers run the place and they’re rather friendly, playing the mobile cinema for you or coaxing you to play with the games, even if you’re the only person in the place.

    A great place to be if you miss the good old times.

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