Choices (Brian Bromberg)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe …

I’m still undecided. I’ve just turned 25 ++++++++++ and the gizmo geek in me have yet to choose my birthday present.

I went to the IT Show at Suntec City Convention Centre on Friday and came back with brochures of products that tempted me. Actually, a few other interesting items have yet to reach Singapore shores, which explains my reluctance to choose.

Almost confirmed the 160GB Ipod Classic, but hesitated when I realised it’s not Bluetooth-ready and upon fondling the 32GB Ipod Touch. One notch up would be the IPhone, which has basically everything that the Ipod Touch has and with an integrated mobile phone to boot. I know unlocked IPhones are already being sold in some shops in Singapore but I’d rather get one with a stable platform and from authorised dealers. More than likely a sooped up unit will be available by the time it arrives in Singapore. Trust Apple to screw you by releasing a better model the moment you plonk down your money and expect you to keep buying accessories to enhance the use of their products. I’ve learnt my lesson after purchasing their 1st generation Powerbook G4 laptop.

Another thing that caught my fancy was the Asus EEE laptop. Then again, another version will be rolled out soon; a 9″ inch model with better specifications.

I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude right now as I contemplate my decision. In the first place, do I really need the Ipod when I hardly have time to listen to 5 songs let alone 40,000. The bloody thing doesn’t even have a built-in radio (Creative freaks shut up!). The amount of storage available in that little bugger is great though. The ITouch is definitely out since I’d rather get the Iphone. Hopefully M1 clinches the deal to be the service provider for IPhone, so that I can just upgrade my second line. Whereas for the Asus EEE laptop, no doubt a cute little number, I just can’t let it put my Sony Vaio in doldrum.

I guess the source of my reluctance is my latest squeeze. The LG KU990 can do just about everything except have a mega storage capacity.

Gizmo Geek I am.


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 11, 2008.

5 Responses to “Choices (Brian Bromberg)”

  1. “Jangan tunggu lama-lama, nanti lama-lama …. ”

    Techno-wak, whatever you get, it’s gonna be obsolete in a few months. So might as well decide quick and get the best deals while you can.

    25+++++, eh? Yaaaah …… ! 😛

  2. Gizmo Geek says “Get It!”. Techno Wak says “Sabarrrrrr!”.

  3. Or wait 3 months’ time… price sure drop one. 🙂

    Happy birthday!

  4. [3 months’ time = next exhibition]

  5. 3 months’ time buy the gift. 1 week later gift becomes obsolete. 😛

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