Mercy (Duffy)

Going against the tradition of posting retro music videos this time.

All thanks to this uber cool Welsh chick, Duffy, who’s like Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse all rolled into one. Dubbed as one of ‘The New Amys’ together with 2 other gems Gabriella Cilmi and Adele, though I seriously think she deserves her own spotlight. I’m hooked and love her music to bits.

I will definitely buy her CD within these comings days, if not today!


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mercy (Duffy)”

  1. Happy 1 and a half years to Sarah 🙂 – as they grow older, we give up on the months but not the big ones 🙂 Not sure if Fada checks her blog comments so just pass the msg to Sarah’s mama too 🙂 – well done you 2, you’ve survived!

  2. Hasn’t even reached the terrible 2 yet causing much mayhem these days. Hehehe …

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