Corduroy Road (Goldmund)

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Put off by the crowded Pacific Coffee Company and Gloria Jean’s at Vivocity last night, we went into Corduroy Café, a bakery and milkbar, to have some drinks of the usual coffee and milkshakes. My order was the chocolate banana milkshake; a combination that complimented each other perfectly.

For a place whose interior looks tastefully done up, a little bit more thought could have gone into improving staff service and attitude. I think the staff at this particular café are not happy campers. The girl at the cash register was as friendly as parking attendants manning basement car park booths, while the waiters seemed lost and inattentive. Ironic that there’s a service charge when you have to personally place your orders at the counter (read: Starbucks/McDonalds).

The interior décor is nice though, suitable for chilling out with a book in hand or to rest whilst shopping. If only they had the right music to enhance the ambience. I swear almost every cafes and restaurants in Singapore manned by a group of young staff tend to play loud and trashy music. Last night was house music … literally. As if the nearby St James Power Station isn’t playing enough of that stuff.

We didn’t order any food so I can’t comment on that part. We may just drop by the place again since the desserts displayed did look rather tempting. Hopefully ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ will not be manning the cash register the next time around.


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 15, 2008.

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