Dinner At Eight (Carroll Gibbons)

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The Ooyah Clan was at Jarrod & Geetha’s place last night for dinner, prepared by the 2 in-house chefs. It was a simple fare of meatballs in some sort of pasta sauce, accompanied by potato wedges, garlic naan and foccacia. I’m totally clueless about the actual name of the dish since I was more interested in stuffing myself with it. A trait most of my own family members are used to. I would generally define dishes by metaphors or colours and use terms like ‘lauk tali-tali’, ‘ikan dalam lauk kuning’, ‘ayam masuk cili merah’, etc., much to their annoyance when they ask what I would like to eat. Anyway, Geetha’s ‘blended cucumber white yoghurt’ was refreshingly nice. I had no idea cucumbers can taste that good.

After dinner, we were supposed to watch the couple’s video of their recent Siem Reap honeymoon and discuss on our upcoming Ho Chi Minh trip, but one little monkey created much fuss that we forgot entirely about them. In the end, we just watched the Manchester United vs Derby County match, which I really wanted the latter to win so that my beloved Arsenal can remain at the top of the league table. Alas, we had to leave during half-time since the rest of the family ended their weekly religious lessons early and had arrived to pick us up, and eventually reach home to see Manures win the match. Making things worst was the Gooners drawing their match against Middlesbrough after that.

Another title for Manures yet again? 😦


~ by blackcadillac73 on March 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “Dinner At Eight (Carroll Gibbons)”

  1. Hey – Divya has the exact same body structure as Sarah hehe – tall and a little skinny for their age? hehe – i’ll find out at her next checkup.

  2. That’s what we thought too until the pediatrician advised that her weight is fine and there was nothing to worry about. She mentioned that most toddlers her age are slightly overweight if not obese. Perhaps its her height that contributes to her weight, though she does have quite an appetite. Must have taken after her Papa … high metabolism rate.

    *looks at own tummy*

    OK … maybe a little bit of fat.

  3. hehe – unlike her Amma, Divya must be having a high metabolism rate too.
    By the way, crocs’ smelly update – none yet, since she has only worn them once hehe

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