Elegantly Wasted (INXS)

Such a waste. Gifted with such intellect and with the prospect of a glaringly bright future, yet throwing it all away out of spite. Who’s to blame? The parents? Or the prodigy?

Sufiah Yusof aka Shilpa Lee … “sexy, smart student” at £130 an hour.

A child placed under enormous pressure by her parents to succeed, who eventually ran away from Oxford and whose life went downhill from then onwards. After a failed marriage at 19, she’s now in the world’s oldest profession, earning her keeps to pay for her apartment and also her master’s degree. Hopefully the latter will spell an exit from her current profession.


Sufiah Yusof was already a genius yet a lot more was expected of her. What about parents whose children aren’t exactly of such calibre?

Extra tuitions after school hours and during vacations are the norms nowadays. Some would even send their children to all kinds of enrichment classes and programmes hoping that they’ll be ahead of their peers in terms of intellect and well being. Just the other day, Fadelinah was gushing at how extremely smart some of the kids we saw on a television programme were, being able to decipher difficult arithmetic situations, all thanks to The Shichida Method. I was amazed as well … though in a freaked out way.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a smart child, though one particular kid in the programme did annoy me. He appeared all cocky as he showed what he was capable of and in such a ‘mature’ manner. Probably will get beaten up by ‘less smart’ peers soon. Hhmmm …

Anyway …

I’m in 2 minds about sending Ooyah to such programmes, though Fadelinah really wants to. It’s not that I don’t have high hopes for my little girl. I just shudder at the thought of having to join the other parents in promoting the rat race. I only hope that she’ll excel in something that she really likes and not try to be a jack of all trades yet master of none. If doodling ‘kat’ with crayons on blank pieces of paper is what she loves, so be it.

Just be the best in that department and be the future Bill Watterson.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Elegantly Wasted (INXS)”

  1. I think I’m with you in this department – I wish for Divya to be educated too so that she has the options available to her – but I never want to push her to keep up with the “Joneses” – that’s why we ran away from Chin-Chia-pore! I can’t stand kids being pressurized and streamed at such a young age. Right now, Divya is just happier eating her alphabets than learning them – and I’m totally happy with that 🙂

    Go Sarah – with your doodling – when Divya comes to Singapore – you can both have a doodling competition 🙂

  2. Yeah … I’d rather have a happy child than one who’s constantly pressured to excel. Let’s face it … most of the time it’s the genes that determine a child’s intellectual capability. We can only push so much.

    Ooyah’s been doodling all over the place these days. Even my dad’s torso is not spared. We saw blue and red lines haphazardly drawn on him a few nights ago. Being the ever loving grandfather that he is … I guess made to be a human drawing board is a small price to pay as long as his grandchild is happy. 😛

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