Goodbye Seinfeld (Soda And 7)

11 pm.

Irregardless of how bad my day went, I always had something to look forward to at this particular time to cheer me up. Just those 4 faces. Even though I’ve seen them countless times and always know what they’ll be up to.

I’m having Seinfeld Withdrawal Syndrome. Star World had been running re-run episodes of the whole 9 series every night from Monday till Friday, twice mind you and tonight it ended with the introduction of Scrubs. How I miss Jerry’s deadpan expression, Kramer’s epileptic-like outbursts, George’s insecurities and Elaine’s sarcasms. And now I have nothing to laugh at.

Scrubs isn’t suitable for the ex-Seinfeld slot. How I wish for Little Britain to take its place. Even better if it’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Wait a minute. I think the latter will be returning soon. Not too sure if it’s on Star World or Arts Central.

There is hope after all. 🙂


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Goodbye Seinfeld (Soda And 7)”

  1. That video is hilarious, but then again I am a HUGE Seinfeld fan and practically found everything funny about that show. Ironic that you would write an article on this as I was watching quite a few re-runs last week from my DVD’s and totally in my glory. Just thinking afterwards, there are so many episodes that I loved and also, how many other comedies can you actually laugh out loud at…..not too many that I can think of? Usually you just look at the TV, stare or lucky if your mouth moves with a small grin.

  2. You don’t need to tell me how huge a Seinfeld fan you are. I know. 🙂

    They’re a tough act to follow. I’ve yet to see any sitcom that comes close.

    Hhmmm … I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it much longer. I have to buy THIS.

  3. Me – too a big fan – especially of Kramer’s haha – they have reruns of everything here – Seinfeld, Cheers, MASH – you name they have it – no wonder, PEOPLE become TV addicts hehe (me included)

  4. Cheers alright too. Used to watch the re-run every morning at 7 a couple of years ago before leaving for work.

    I like the retro ones as well like Gilligan’s Island and Happy Days.

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