Temporary Heroes (Pat Benatar)

It was the penalty that killed Arsenal.

Champions League title dashed. Premier League title highly unlikely.

It should have been Arsenal’s night but due to an erroneous decision by the referee, Liverfool turned the table around with that dreaded penalty way before I had finished celebrating what looked like the decisive goal for Arsenal to reach the semi-finals. Liverfool’s fourth goal in the dying minutes didn’t matter, it was already too late for Arsenal to recover.

How I hate you Liverfool. For a team that plays boring football, you sure know how to tuck in a goal or two when it really matters and always towards the end of a game, thereby restricting any form of comeback by the opposition. I’m disgusted by the sight of every single one of your players, especially Keng Kang King. He probably gains strength from the big balls between his legs to power in many of his shots.

And you Arsenal, with your stable of almost all fantastic players playing free flow attacking football that mesmerise me often, you really need to buck up your defense. Almost … because you have a few duds in the team like Almunia … so guilty of bad judgement and positioning that allowed most of last night’s goals to go in.

So it’s a trophyless year yet again it seems. I will still stay up or set my alarm to wake up for your matches come next season. Because there is so much potential in Arsenal and I believe you will deliver soon. Just make sure you don’t lose that gem of yours called Theo Walcott.

Now that Arsenal’s out, I hope neither Liverfool nor Manure wins the title. Let it be Barcelona or Chelsea. At least I can still stomach Drogba kissing the trophy rather than Keng Kang King.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Temporary Heroes (Pat Benatar)”

  1. *sigh* …. better luck next time! 😛

  2. Kenen eh? Aku sumpah si Keng Kang King tu jadi katak baru tau!

    Barcelona or Chelsea only. Not Liverfool again. Enough is enough.

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