Eternal Flame (The Bangles)

It was a love-hate relationship of sorts. When he first saw her sauntering in, he thought she was heaven-sent. Tried as he might in courting her then, she would always reject his advances in favour of his older brother, who was well-built and had a bad boy persona. With his quiet demeanour and smaller body frame, he didn’t stand a chance against his older sibling and could only admire her beauty from afar. This went on for a few years until fate stepped in, his rival died suddenly due to unnatural causes.

For once, he became the man that he never was, a pillar of strength and a source of comfort for his beloved. No doubt there were instances when she would reduce him to a pulp with her feisty character and temperamental ways, but his love for her was too strong for the relationship to end. They lived together for a few more years until the inevitable happened.

He died of old age and she was alone.

It was a sullen affair after his death. She would continue with her daily rituals and tried her best to keep things as normal as it was before. But the nights proved unbearable, she longed for the warmth that her late companion provided, the soothing sound of his snores, his body odour … and most of all … his neverending love. 

He died a month ago. Last night, she decided to join her love.

She will be buried next to him this afternoon at the nearby unofficial Sheng Siong Pet Cemetery.

Rest in peace Putih. Kontot’s waiting to smell you again.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 11, 2008.

8 Responses to “Eternal Flame (The Bangles)”

  1. Oh no – poor cat 😦

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to the oath ‘Till Death Do Us Part’. Quiet sad actually, but it’s all for the better … for them especially.

  3. adoila pak black, makcik sunnguh tersentuh dengan cerita cinta agung miau miau ni. mcm gaya sidney sheldon pun ada

  4. Amacam? Ada tokoh buat cerita jiwang tak? Boleh ganti Yusof Haslam tak?

    Macam gini nak audition meow-meow actors and actresses lah. Soundtrack lak nak pakai Saleem punya ‘Di Pintu Mahligai‘.

  5. What a feline tragedy. We feel for your loss bro, very sorry to hear. Definitely what some would say: “died of a broken heart disease”.

  6. The one who’s most heartbroken is Lin. You can ask her later just how much she misses Putih. 😛

  7. BC: sorry to hear about Putih. Thats what true love means, you think?

  8. Yah lor … my cats very the romantic one. 😛

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