Private Room (Avant)


Just another night at another restaurant within Arab Street area. A cosy private room for close friends to catch up and conducive for an agile toddler to roam free, without her trying to befriend everyone in the restaurant. There’s even a TV with DVD player for our perusal though the in-house VCD offerings aren’t really up to our pirated DVD standards. 😛

The mushroom soup was great as always, though the food menu has yet to expand. There’s only so much lamb chops we can play along to Chef.

Quite a few rooms within this joint, with a rooftop avenue for outdoor parties. Decor kitschy as expected with a hyena skin rug in ours. Kinky!

We are on the lookout for more venues offering private eating areas. Any recommendations?


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Private Room (Avant)”

  1. contrary to what lin thinks, these are great pics. i especially like the 1st one. not sure if the cool blurout effect was deliberate, but either way, it looks good. now definitely can enter slr university.

  2. Definitely not intentional, not much control when using a mobile phone camera, especially with fast moving objects … Ooyah a constant culprit.

  3. Jarrod, please don’t encourage him. Guess who will be spending more time fiddling with it? That’s right. Ooyah.

  4. This coming from someone who chucks her useless designer handbags all over the place.

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