Birthday (The Sugarcubes)


It was Ibu’s birthday yesterday and we celebrated it at IMM’s Swensen’s since it was already too late to go to the originally intended Eatzi Steakhouse & Bistro at SAFRA Yishun. The celebration was as the norm; eat the food and cake ordered … present the gifts … yada … yada …

Ooyah as usual always thinks it’s her birthday when it’s for someone else’s and made sure she sat right in front of the cake. When coaxed to blow the flames off the lit candles, she merely stared … mesmerised by the flickers. Cake eating though is her forte, especially when it’s an ice cream cake. Never mind if some of them landed on her cheeks, eveything’s oblivious when she’s busy eating her cake.

As with most restaurants, different branches tend to deliver differing standard of services. We usually patronise the Swensen’s branch at Jurong Point. Though the air-conditioning there is erratic, service is quite good. However, the service at this particular branch in IMM was below par. Those who have celebrated their birthdays in Swensen’s would know that the staff would usually accompany and sing a birthday song for the person celebrating his or her birthday. Not this one though. The birthday cake was presented without any candles nor cutleries. We actually had to ask the manager for them after waiting for a while. It’s the little things that matter when you want your customers to return.

We love Swensen’s lambchop with mint sauce and while Fadelinah ordered one for herself, I decided to try their current promotion of everything crab. Looked good in the menu so couldn’t be that bad … or so I thought. Flaming Crab Baked Rice was my order. By the time it arrived, it definitely didn’t look like what I saw earlier, more like Sup Tulang gravy over rice. I had to dig around a bit to find something that looked like soft shell crab (ran over by a truck).

Shouldn’t have been too adventurous.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 21, 2008.

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