Yellow And Blue (Shawn Alexis)

For renovation works taking more than 4 months, I had expected my neighbouring unit to turn out like what you would find in some exclusive interior design magazines. I just went pass their opened front door while throwing my rubbish and saw cornices painted yellow and blue. Yes, colours that only appeal to the Swedes. Perhaps they had engaged a Swede designer who decided to showcase Swedish influence instead of the usual Country, Zen, Minimalist or whatever cock other interior design companies ‘specialise’ in.

And did I mention that they hacked away the original flooring and after all the flying dust and large amount of concrete poured, replaced them with ceramic tiles the exact colour as the original. Oh yes, the slightly bigger grains on that ‘faux’ marble really made a difference. I so can appreciate your eye for details. *swoon*

Contrary to how one would tolerate the din and welcome a new neighbour, I’m already fucking pissed with them. The renovation notice from HDB that was pasted next to their door was long gone, yet the noise continued, way till midnight at times. Though the noise was created by their contractors, I blame the owners for not being considerate enough to tell them to only work from Monday to Friday, as regulated by HDB. Even Saturday is fine, as long as the works stop at noon.

But last Sunday, I couldn’t tolerate it anymore and shouted from my balcony towards theirs that no renovation works can be done on a Sunday. The noise continued nonetheless and it took some pacification from my family to stop my banging on their front door. The next day, I came back from work in the evening and heard drilling noise inside their unit. Again, my family warned me not to approach them, so as not to create any conflict with our new neighbours. Anyway, I decided to just call up the police to inform them of the situation and perhaps get one of their staff to warn them about working at such hours.

“We will contact the relevant parties to sort out the matter.”

That’s what the officer on the other line informed me. 3 hours later, still no action from them. It was already 1 am by then. I think the idiot was probably too engrossed in his conversation with his girlfriend on the other line to bother dispatching any of his colleagues to check. No surprises there. They’re always around at the stupidest moments yet never there when called upon.

And to think our other new neighbour 2 floors down decided to spoil the whole neighbourhood with their bright red and blue lights glowing every night, I shudder at the thought of the one next to us lighting up their cornices.

Bloody hell. I can’t wait to move out from this apartment. Either a lot of colour blind people are moving into this neighbourhood, or the Government just decided to turn it into Singapore’s Las Vegas.


~ by blackcadillac73 on April 30, 2008.

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