Confused Designer (Eight Frozen Modules)

I can’t believe I just wasted an hour of my life attending to Mr Doofus from Wanker & Associates. The nerve of the guy asking for an urgent proposal for his project to be completed by tomorrow, and wanting me to meet up with him at his office for the design brief. I may have heaps of workload but if the prospect sound genuine enough, I’m willing to meet his deadline. In this case, it was actually because I had a problem understanding what he was trying to say in his meandering way over the phone and thought that a quick meeting would make things clearer, since it’s only 3 MRT stops away.

I almost wanted to whack his head with the catalogues I brought along after what he showed me. Who cares if the project is in Dubai? Who cares if it’s more than 300 units? He could have been more specific and told me over the phone that it’s 300 units of a single tall cabinet to house an integrated refrigerator, that he wanted designed to look like the local supplier’s kitchen cabinets that make up 95% of the kitchen, to the extent of even using the other party’s veneer. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have them fabricate the whole bloody thing?

And supplying 300 cabinets to house integrated refrigerators is asking for major trouble. Irregardless of what the distributors claim, integrated refrigerators will never work properly in a tropical climate like Singapore or even worst, Dubai. Sure … they look really good giving the impression of a refrigeratorless kitchen yet containing one, but the impending problems far outweigh the beauty. I’ve had bad experiences after planning them into kitchens due to clients’ insistence and trusting the distributors’ words. Condensation occured within a few days and at times even leak out unto the flooring and inside the cabinet itself.

Sighhh … some of these designers can be such shitheads at times. What may look good on paper may not work in reality. Perhaps people in Dubai don’t cook and merely eat out, that’s why having the countertop project 10cm out of the door fronts doesn’t matter, just to highlight the profile of the handleless cabinets. (another one of Mr Doofus’ brilliant idea)

I may not be a cook but I can honestly say that anyone who has to bend and reach in to open such cabinet doors would go bonkers after a while. And what profile pray tell can one see when the shadow casted by the projecting countertop basically darkens everything beneath it.

The irony that the word designer is highlighted boldly on his name card.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 6, 2008.

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