First Barbecue (Jeff Geoffray)

Tired of the usual dinner fares at restaurants and cafes, we had a barbecue at Jarrod and Geetha’s place last Saturday night. Since the pits in front of the swimming pool were booked, we had to settle for one overlooking the car park. 😛

It got off to a sluggish start since Jarrod and I had over-estimated the speed at which the briquettes would burn and heat up, even after repeatedly doused in fuel. We were beginning to worry that the fuel in the bottle would run out way before we got a decent fire started. It took almost an hour before we finally got it right, thanks to some good old charcoals and firestarters Geetha had brought down from their apartment.

The amount of food Geetha had prepared for us was just nice and there wasn’t much wastage, except for a few chicken drumsticks; something I always worry about whenever our families organise something similar. Another one will probably be held sometime in June at a chalet (if we manage to book one in time), with more people and food and without the need to end by midnight.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 6, 2008.

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