Mothers & Daughters (Rosemary Clooney)

Another Mother’s Day celebration among the many that occurred yesterday. Ibu was happy with her presents, the rest were happy with the buffet spread and I was trigger happy.

The venue could have been better though. The Sakura International Buffet branch at Jurong West Sports Complex was short of becoming a typical food court, if not a pasar malam. My main pet peeve whenever I’m inside a Halal food establishment is seeing most of the customers who could have easily gone to non-Halal eateries depriving the Muslims out of tables to celebrate the occasion. Brings to mind the usual scene you get at Banquet food courts during the fasting month.

For goodness sake, spare a thought for those who don’t find pork appealing.

How does one get around this problem by applying certain rulings that accommodate for Muslims yet not deemed racially or religiously discriminating? If only …


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Mothers & Daughters (Rosemary Clooney)”

  1. bless you black, for celebrating the mothers in your life :

  2. Must celebrate mah … if not later the kitchens all closed.

  3. I was at T2 on MD. All the Halal restaurants there were 3/4 filled with Malays. Rasa macam kat Geylang gitu… hahahaa.

  4. Actually, I hate going to the airport to eat. Macam kempunan gitu kalau pergi tapi tak naik kapal terbang.

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