T-Shirt 69 (Captain Soul)

Oh really? The package doesn’t seem to depict that though.

Due to the depreciating US dollar, I decided to embark on my first online overseas purchase last month. No high-end designer bags, no elusive electronic gadgets … just 4 simple T-shirts from Threadless. Not too sure about the size that I should order, I took a gamble and ordered 1 XL and 3 L sized ones, based on the measurement guides the company provided. At US$5 a piece (the normal ones range from US$15 to US$27), even if the sizes don’t fit, it wouldn’t cause me to lose sleep over the loss. Anyway, the total bill came up to S$48 for the 4 T-shirts including postage.

The package arrived 2 weeks after my order placement. The brown XL one is way too big, while the rest seem to fit nicely. Although Fadelinah doesn’t seem to agree with me, I still think I should order M the next time around. *wishful thinking*

Does the seamless side design really make a difference? So far, I’ve already worn 2 and I honestly can’t say that they feel any better than my other T-shirts. At most, the unique designs submitted by the public are what Threadless can be proud of. The fact that they are tagged with the names of the design and creator make them quite special.

Looking forward to ordering my next batch. šŸ™‚


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 12, 2008.

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