The Late Engagement (Poole)


We’ve been staying at Teban Gardens for the past 6 days preparing for Long’s engagement ceremony, as well as helping out on the actual day itself last Sunday. While the womenfolks were busy doing their things in the kitchen and living room, I did my little parts of setting up the decorations for the bed’s headboard, inconsistent video-taking and getting down and dirty washing the piles of cookware after the event. Except for the photographer, we used the very same people who serviced our very own wedding in 2005. Aisyah took care of the catering and Nor (our imported mak andam) handled Long’s make-up.

Frankly, this particular engagement was much more elaborate compared to what Fadelinah and I had before. We chose to keep it simple back then and rather go all out on the actual wedding day. Based on what transpired last Sunday, there’ll be a lot more work involved come next year’s wedding ceremony, of which the venue has yet to be decided.

The supposedly 200 invitees seemed much more, and as usual, a few cliques of likeable and unlikable people in attendance; at least in my eyes. Something that can’t be helped, as most who had partake in such ceremonies would know. The only thing I could do when dealing with such people was to avoid as much contacts with them rather than risk shooting my mouth off.

The highlight of the ceremony was the exchange of gifts by both parties, including the terms set pertaining to the dowry and duration of engagement. Whereas for the kids, the sharing of loots after the ceremony encompassing sweets, chocolates and jellies was more to their interest, handed out equally by Ibu.


~ by blackcadillac73 on May 20, 2008.

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