Gathering Pace (Relativity)

BSH held a dealers’ gathering at Raffles Culinary Academy last Friday night; the typical affair with chefs preparing food for the guests and waiters serving drinks freely throughout the event. William even took the trouble to check with them if the food contained any pork or lard since I was 1 out of only 2 Malays in attendance and an Indian chef personally brought out a plate of tandoori salmon for me. Nice gestures indeed.

It was my second time at the place. The first one was almost a year ago when Raffles Culinary Academy became BSH’s partner with regards to providing cooking classes and demonstrations for their Gaggenau and Bosch customers. A well organised and impressive kitchen set-up conducive for such events. Of course almost all of the mid to high end appliance brands have their own kitchen studio within their companies’ compounds. The best looking ones so far have got to be Miele’s at Winsland House and BSH’s at Jalan Pemimpin. De Dietrich has just moved their premises so I’m not sure how their new kitchen studio looks like.

As it was a business affair, a rundown on BSH’s products current market situation was inevitable, presented by Denise and her boss. No lucky draws this time, though every single dealer who came was guaranteed a brand new Bosch refrigerator for display in their showrooms and after a year, theirs to keep. If only they’d let me display one in my own place.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 8, 2008.

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