Oranges & Lemons (XTC)

Just 4 of my favourite faces that have been keeping me up till 5am daily since Euro 2008 started.

At most times, I did make it through watching the matches played by the various national teams, though sometimes sleep simply took precedence when some teams played way too defensively and I awoke only to see the predictable results a few hours later.

I can’t really be bothered whether France or Portugal wins the tournament, but seeing players like Ribery and Ronaldo run rings around the opponent’s players is something else. OK … the latter is almost like one freaking fragile glass sometimes; dropping to the ground at the slightest touch. But nobody can deny his talent. Whereas for the former, the guy’s extremely hardworking and I have the utmost respect for such players.

Whenever a major tournament like this or the World Cup takes centrestage, I always hope for either Italy or Netherlands to win it. Though Italy has the honour of winning the last World Cup, Netherlands remain for the past 2 decades since their Euro victory, failures. The perennial players unrest seemed to be the contributing factor to their dismal performances. That’s not to say they don’t have talented players, just that some of their heads have swelled up way too big for their own good.

The current batch managed by the great Marco van Basten however, seems to have their act together. Anyone who has seen Netherlands’ last 2 matches would know how far this particular team can go. Their frighteningly fast counter attacks with mesmerising tricks by their stars have seen the downfalls of recent World Cup winners France and Italy. I’m not talking about single goal victories but major ass whooping. It’s bloody crazy and no other team can deny them winning the tournament with such class.

Hmmm … enough drooling. Now if only Ribery, Ronaldo, Pirlo and Robben quit their current club teams and join Arsenal.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 14, 2008.

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