Fair & Square (John Prine)

Gizmo Geek was at the PC Show in Suntec City last Friday and today. The first visit was only to recce for gadgets worth parting my money with and also to collect pamphlets highlighting the promotions various companies at the event were having. Items in mind included an external HD and a bluetooth stereo headset. It’s amazing how prices can drop from the first day of sale to the last. I saw prices tumbling down to almost $1000 for some things that unfortunately I wasn’t interested in. And it also helps if one is friendly enough to the sales staff, getting away with freebies normally set aside for higher cost items. 😉

The 320GB WD Passport Elite will come in handy in storing my work and personal stuff, especially of precious pictures from my junk-filled desktop and laptop at home. I need something really portable so I wasn’t really tempted by those larger models that offer 500GB at a slightly lesser price. I got myself the bronze one together with 2 ‘free’ softwares. The Jabra BT620S was available at an irresistible price and the sales staff let me have it without having anything to trade in as specified by the company. She even gave me a car plug-in charger and lanyard with stylus, both really useful for my mobile phones. I’m sure the sound quality of similar sets from Sony and Nokia probably sound slightly better, then again I would need to pay double what I paid for the Jabra one.

On the whole, it was worth having to go through those slow asses at the fair.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 15, 2008.

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