All Seats Reserved (Silva)

Always one to stay away from the lunch time crowd, I was forced to be amongst them at Funan’s Food Junction this afternoon, after having dropped by one of the nearby shops. My stomach was already growling, having not had a proper breakfast earlier.

Upon paying for my pineapple rice and barley drink, I went looking for an empty seat. Saw a few empty seats away from the crowd and went over only to see 2 packets of tissues on the table. The table next to it had another packet. Typical CCC method of reserving tables. Never mind. I was still in a good mood after my pleasant encounter with the shop staff. Give chance for today.

Scanned around and saw most of the seats taken until I managed to see what seemed like an empty table for 6 at a distance. I always try not to sit at such a big table when I’m alone. Wasting precious space right? Though I’ve seen people doing it before, I’m not about to join the club. I didn’t have much choice this time around.

What luck! Seats unoccupied. Plonked my butt on the chair and was about to eat until one teenage girl came by and curtly said “Sorry. These seats reserved already.”. I looked at her and asked “With what? I don’t see anything.”. “There!” she replied while pointing to a little bottle of disinfectant in the middle of the table hardly more than 10 cm high. “That’s not a person.” was my short and simple answer while I continued eating. She was stunned and I could hear her father calling her to look for other tables instead.

Good move Papa to the imbecile. You were just 1 reply away from me cursing your whole generation and those of your kind who think packets of tissue papers and in this instance, a little bottle, are superior to a human being.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 17, 2008.

6 Responses to “All Seats Reserved (Silva)”

  1. Haha – I remember this very clearly when I was working in an office on Boat Quay. I used to go to Golden Shoe (which has good food) and it was MAJOR tissue-paper hogging. I used to only have short lunch breaks so I’d just take the tissue packet and throw it away HAHAHA – Good on you! DISINFECTANT!!! I guess some people like you-know-who need it.

  2. Definitely. I really wanted to throw the bottle to what’s-her-face and tell her to shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. The parents must have been passing down such traits to them, and eventually down their whole generation.

    Study up up oso no use. Blain stupid like tortoise.

  3. tell me abt it. i juz said, ‘i didnt see any names on the seats ley…” when someone told me a few seats were occupied by a pack of tissue paper on the table at ikea. i have seen ppl put their used tissue paper on the table and claimed that’s for reserving seats. how absurd.

  4. These assholes normally eat in groups and not one have the decency to actually wait at the table to reserve while the rest go and order their food.

    Super kanchiong. Must eat fast fast if not sure die one.

  5. I think you should lead the courtesy revolution in Singapore πŸ™‚ – OBVIOUSLY, the courtesy campaign didn’t work many years ago!

    By the way, we finally bought a house! So all that has to happen is…..for you and Fada and Sarah to make a trip here. We’re waiting till the ban-period is over. Sarah will have a ball of a time.

  6. Me leading the courtesy revolution? In an Adolf Hitler kind of way perhaps.

    Hopefully next year, since it seems that there’s a way to get around the ban. And I want that moose head!

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