Island In The Sun (Weezer)

Our very first cable car ride yesterday. Understandable for Ooyah given her age, but not so for her parents. Blame it on that cable car tragedy in 1983 that left me never wanting to take a ride on one, although it was so popular back then. Due to Ooyah’s never-failing excitements at seeing the suspended cable cars (she calls it Ku-kun-ka) every time we pass by Vivocity, we decided that it was about time we experience the actual ride since 25 years have gone by without another accident. It was also an excuse for us to visit Sentosa for some sun, sand and sea.

The cable car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa took around 10 minutes. Not commendable for those with vertigo, especially when the car rolls off the edges of the stations. Ooyah was freaked out in the beginning but quickly enjoyed the ride till it ended.

My pet peeve would mainly be with some of the staff managing the stations, especially the lady at the Mount Faber station’s entrance that merely pointed me to the aisle entrance with nary a smile when I enquired, yet suddenly greeted me so enthusiastically (almost Barney-like) less than 3 minutes later when I passed through the aisle. I understood why when she presented a folder with a badly taken photograph of the 3 of us in front of a cable car backdrop, that some photographer took along the way and asked if I wanted to purchase them at $20. In the first place, the picture was so out of focus that it made my mobile phone camera look good. Secondly, charging $20? How many stupid tourists would even pay such an amount? Just another case of a Nikon-toting amateur bringing disgrace to the brand. Whereas for Little Miss Barney, she turned cold the moment I declined.

Anyway … the sun decided to take the day off. What transpired was 3 hours of rain before we managed to see the horizon clearly from our table at Club Islander on Palawan Beach. Kudos to the staff at Club Islander for making us feel comfortable while waiting for the rain to die down and for attending to our needs. We basically stayed within its grounds till we ended our little beach romp.

Next on the list would be Ooyah’s other fascination, Phhhlierrr. I mean Singapore Flyer.

~ by blackcadillac73 on June 19, 2008.

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