Planets, Rivers And Ikea (Bendik Hofseth)

One of my favourite furniture stores in Singapore, though I find myself going there less often nowadays. Used to go to their old location near Sea View Hotel in Katong on a monthly basis and remember getting almost every furniture in my room from Ikea. The other 2 that offered some competition to them back then were Habitat and Actus. Sadly both have closed down their businesses years ago. However, Ikea remains strong with now 2 separate stores catering to the masses at opposite ends of the country.

Having experienced the quality of Ikea’s furniture and now working in the industry, I basically shun away from ever purchasing another furniture from them. The only things worth buying from the store would be stuff you don’t have to sit, sleep or work on. No major furniture item worth spending more than $100. That leaves things like stationery, crockery, frames and the odds and ends to store CDs and the likes.

It was my first visit to the Tampines branch last night and was quite impressed by the size and the in-house cafeteria. Obviously, having come straight from work, the cafeteria was our first stop. There’s even a Nasi Padang stall serving Halal dishes. Some good stuff at the ‘Halil’ section too, like the Daim cake. πŸ™‚

The only things we bought last night were a children table set with 2 chairs, an easel set and a small red tent for Ooyah. Didn’t get anything for myself as the products on display hardly changed much and the prices weren’t attractive enough. Same old same old like the ones at the Alexandra branch.

If anything, it was an enjoyable trip for Ooyah as she ran riot through the whole store checking out every furniture and even making friends.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 21, 2008.

8 Responses to “Planets, Rivers And Ikea (Bendik Hofseth)”

  1. Hey! Divya’s chest of drawers and small table are from IKEA too. Any you’re right – if it is furniture to be sat or slept on, don’t get it from IKEA heheh – i’ve heard lots of stories just like the furniture from COURTS.

  2. I hate COURTS. Crappy furniture with bloodsucking prices.

  3. Tell me about it! By the way, our house deal fell through coz during the inspection they found mold!!! It’s common here coz the houses are made of wood. The only bad thing is that the agent is trying to screw with us and not return the money we put down when we made the offer! So we are VERY mad and stressed at the moment 😦

    So no kitchen designing services for now 😦 – i’ll let you know when.

    By the way, I bought an Elmo swimsuit for Sarah πŸ™‚

  4. Aiyah! There goes my ‘Bavani-beats-Martha Stewart’ kitchen.

    Ooyah says thank you and she would like another one for her Papa.

  5. IKEA is decent for, as you say – anything you dont sit, sleep or work on, I bought one of their beds in the $100 range last month and its already broke, the screws bend easily.

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo buying a $100 bed from Ikea??? Good one! πŸ˜›

    By the way, sign that damn deal with Real Madrid already will ya!

  7. It’s Abang Cris, for goodness’ sake! Be it a $100 or $10k bed, the screws WILL BEND indefinitely hahahah!
    Sigh. The day Abang Cris ACTUALLY leaves a message on your blog… if only… πŸ˜›

  8. Dengar nama dia je pukul 3 pagi pun sanggup reply eh?

    Ni mesti mat salleh dan mat2 kental yang sewaktu dengannya yang suka taruk hair gel berlambak kat kepala, lepas tu perasan dia Cristiano Ronaldo tapi tak tahu muka macam Beano.

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