Food For Thoughtlessness (Dylan Donkin)

This one takes the cake. It’s bad enough that the food quality don’t match up to its competitors, having rude staff surely isn’t going to enhance its popularity. I’ve seen this particular place a couple of times when I walked past Beach Road and always thought of giving it a try, instead of patronising the usual ‘ayam penyet’ places around Singapore. Our favourite Ayam Penyet Ria along Joo Chiat Road has already moved to Tampines Mall and since we were quite hungry by the time I finished work last night, I suggested that we check the place out since it was nearer.

We ordered the same food like what we usually ordered at Ayam Penyet Ria, like chicken, fish, prawns and a few other dishes. When the waiter sent them over, we were rather disappointed by the size of the servings which were about half the amount that we usually get at other places. Never mind … perhaps the recent food price inflation was the cause. As long as they tasted delicious, it’s forgivable we thought. Suffice to say we were disappointed yet again.

Everyone was keen to get out of the place as soon as possible and Fizah went over to the counter to ask if the staff could wash the milk bottle a bit and fill it with warm water for us to prepare another batch for Ooyah. It is normal for any family with a toddler or baby in tow to request this from any eating establishments and basically all will gladly do it without charge, though we always have money ready just in case. Warm water at around 20 cents maybe? I don’t really know since out of the many restaurants, cafes and coffee shops I asked be them local or abroad, not one wanted me to pay a single cent. I guess any decent human being out there would do the same since it is meant for the young ones.

Not with Ayam Penyet House though. It would not be fair for me to say that all the staff in that damn place are penny-pinchers, but I will single out one particular bitch that is. Basically the only Malay staff in that place I presume? The one manning the cashier, wearing her hijab and all yet having the heart to actually call the Indonesian guy who passed the filled milk bottle over to Fizah without charge minutes before, to go to our table and ask us to pay 50 cents for the warm water. Such a negligible amount yet upon looking at her staring from afar as though we were going to run off albeit already having paid $46 for the whole meal really pissed me off.

Dasar minah Melayu bangsat. Pakai tudung tapi otak macam babi. Kau belum ada anak lagi kan? Kau mati2 nak 50 sen tu pasal kau tak cukup duit nak beli seluar dalam kat pasar malam kan? Kesian aku kat kau … dah lah muka buruk, perangai pun buruk. Bangga eh kau kerja jaga cashier kat tempat tu? Kira rasa macam satu tempat tu semua kau punya lah eh? Konon2 kau boss lah eh? Pegidahhhhhh!

OK … just had a mat kental moment there.

Anyway, I hope that place sinks deeper than the basement that it’s already located at. Mediocre food business … you serve terrible food but with excellent staff service … or you serve delicious food but with crappy staff service … either way people may still come back. You just simply can’t do both badly.


~ by blackcadillac73 on June 29, 2008.

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