Launch And Landing (The Lost Patrol)

De Dietrich’s newest showroom at Cendex Centre was launched last Wednesday night to much fanfare as guests were briefed on recent accomplishments by the company in supplying their products to major residential developments, including an exclusive one in Hong Kong, beating a competitor at the last minute without the client ever seeing the actual products live. Quite a feat by any standard.

The invited guests included well-known chefs, developers and designers, with host Vivienne Tan anchoring the whole event.

Upon the revealing of the new showroom, De Dietrich has without a doubt one to rival that of Miele and Gaggenau. Very impressive with their latest models displayed prominently at functioning modes for prospective customers to have hands-on experiences. There’s even a cooking booth with a counter for guests to sit around while the chef whip up some magic.

One can’t help but feel that almost all the latest De Dietrich models were predominantly glossy black in appearance with the graphics on the LCD panels lending the only colours to them. The bottom line … they look great. I was especially attracted to the refrigerators since it can sometimes be a handicap when clients contemplate the brand they’d like to have in their kitchens, due to the fact that the competitors could offer everything under one brand yet when clients opt for De Dietrich, they have to use a different brand for the refrigerator. The other notable inclusion in De Dietrich’s lineup of products was the downdraft hood that elevates from the countertop at variable heights when in use, yet be flushed after use.

Looks like I’ll be recommending a lot more De Dietrich appliances to my clients. πŸ™‚


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 9, 2008.

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