Playground For Life (Glyder)

Sometimes on my day off, I would bring Ooyah down to the playground while waiting for Fadelinah to return home from school. Most of the time, the playground tend to be crowded with boisterous kids running around while a few quiet ones would play on their own, oblivious to their surroundings. Since my butt could hardly fit the slides, I make do by sitting on a nearby bench watching Ooyah from afar and snap away with whatever camera available. It’s kind of therapeutic for me as I watch the kids in the playground … almost like watching guppies in our old fish tank. 😛

And almost typical of the adult environment, you’d have the friendly, quiet and mischievous types. The last one I tend to keep a lookout for since they sometimes bully the kids around them. It’s not that I would pull Ooyah away the moment I see her near to one, but at least be aware. I did see a few in the past who tried to bully her and merely observed as she handled the situation in her own little way. No pushing and pulling involved … just conscious enough to walk away from trouble.

However, on good days such as last Thursday, Ooyah found herself surrounded by kids more to her liking and played with them for almost 2 hours. At first there was an older girl, probably the child of a Filipino expat, who found an instant liking to Ooyah and acted like her big sister. Later on, as fate would have it, a boy around the same age as Ooyah came by and the 2 became inseparable. Love at first sight? Again?


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “Playground For Life (Glyder)”

  1. Sarah’s looking so cute 😀 – and “athletic”!

  2. Athletic she is with her tank top and shorts. The pacifier is a spoiler though. 😛

  3. She takes after me, mostly. She may have Ramli’s face, but in physique- it’s me alright.

  4. Perasan …

  5. You’ve been tagged – read to the end of my post 🙂

  6. Serial tagger on the loose huh? Hehehe …

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