In The Garden (Eurythmics)

It’s been a few months of being a member of the Alphadslr group and I finally joined them for one of their outings last Sunday at the Singapore Garden Festival 2008, which was held at Suntec Convention Centre. Sony Digital Workshop was giving the group’s members the privilege of shooting whatever they fancy within the exhibition area an hour prior to the public’s entrance.

Alphadslr is made up of mostly Alpha mount users, basically Sony and that of its famous predecessor Minolta. While the rest of the group were toting different models of Sony DSLRs from the basic to the high-end, I was happily carrying my obsolete Konica Minolta 5D with its basic kit lens. Some in the group were armed to the teeth with intimidating-looking lenses, but game enough to give pointers to the newbies without being too judgmental. Whereas for me, I do have a few lenses in my dry cabinet but haven’t reach the stage of parting with thousands of dollars for legendary lenses. The thought of going with the Pentax system in the future playing at the back of my mind; the reason for my hesitance. For what it’s worth, I will still keep collecting Minolta stuff even if I become a Pentaxian since I’m a big fan of the Minolta range.

Did I enjoy my first Alpha outing? It was alright I guess, though there’s only so many flowers one can shoot before things get a little tiresome. I still prefer going on my own doing impromptu shoots, especially on architecture. Nonetheless, future outings with them are probable since the more experienced members do know their stuff and I can learn a thing or two from them.


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 29, 2008.

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