West Coast Swing (Duke Ellington)

Breaking away from the usual shopping and dinner routine after I finish work every Sunday, the family decided to do a little camping cum picnic at West Coast Park last Sunday evening. It wasn’t an overnight thing, just a few hours of lazing around and eating whatever that we brought along like satay and durians. The moment we picked our spot, I set up the tent while Long and Fizah rented some karts.

West Coast Park differs from its Eastern counterpart by having various playgrounds for children of different ages to explore, and though lacking a beach conducive for swimming, it definitely seems cleaner than East Coast Park. While Ronaldinho and Drogba wannabes play football on the wide open field, kite-flyers and frisbee-throwers engage in their activities nearby. Whereas for the view, you have various shipping vessels and scatterings of sampans and yachts in front of the coast, with the hundreds of lights from the nearby shipyards brightening parts of the horizon. Andaman Sea it’s not.

Ooyah had fun chasing after bubbles and balls, including being pushed around the park in her tricycle. The rest of the family had their kicks patrolling the whole of West Coast Park on the karts, while I was contented to just laze around in the tent by myself.

Check out Ooyah’s satay killer look. 🙂


~ by blackcadillac73 on July 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “West Coast Swing (Duke Ellington)”

  1. Ya man – I was about to ask about Ooyah’s look like “don’t mess with a girl with a satay stick in her hand” 🙂

  2. That’s her latest look nowadays, scrunching her eyes and pouting her lips when angry at someone. A different look for different moods every month it seems.

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