Stuck In The Oven With Me (Procs)

A PDA metamorphosing into an oven. That’s what I thought when I laid my hands on some of the latest ovens from Miele last night. The ‘stylus’ in this case was neatly tucked into a cavity on the left side of the oven door. It’s actually a wireless temperature probe that one sticks into the meat being roasted inside the oven to check if the meat inside has cooked as well. A feature the rest of its competitors has yet to incorporate … wirelessly.

Other fascinating appliances displayed at last night’s launch of Miele’s latest models were combi steam ovens, a coffee machine with integrated milk jug and a salamander. At least 2 of the ovens I toyed around with had nozzles attached at the side of them to suck in water for steaming inside what would normally be convectional ovens. The stainless steel jug integrated into the new coffee machine is able to store fresh milk from the refrigerator for 2 hours while the user makes macchiatos and cappucinos till the milk runs out. The machine is even smart enough to wait for the milk to be replaced if that happens, before continuing its work. Whereas for the salamander, Miele didn’t embark on producing those creepy-looking amphibians but merely replicate the wide flat metal broilers available only in industrial kitchens for browning foods and desserts, and making them for the mainstream market.

Based on what I saw last night, Miele tops the high-end appliance market yet again with their unique features. De Dietrich remains the bridesmaid while Gaggenau has to come up with better competing models to topple Miele’s current reign. Their soon to air ad which we had a sneak peek at last night was even created by the same people involved in Lord Of The Rings.

As usual, a well-known chef was invited to whip out some magic for the guests and last night’s was one from Bali. His assistants were already busy preparing the various dishes for tasting when we were brought into the kitchen. I was eyeing the salmon actually but had to make a hasty exit when the chef pulled out his ‘masterpiece’ from an oven … a suckling pig. While the rest of the guests were awed as the head of the pig rolled having been chopped off, I felt like puking as the smell got unbearable. Probably need to get some advance notice from Bing or Hwee Hwee the next time the chef has a little piggy tucked inside the oven so that I can scram before he takes it out. Luckily I had Miele’s door gift of a minimalistic stainless steel thumbdrive to take away some of the trauma.


~ by blackcadillac73 on August 25, 2008.

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