Room To Roam (The Waterboys)

30th August 2008

This post will be a sticky as I chronicle the transformation of our apartment’s ‘miscellaneous’ room into Ooyah’s toddler pad. Miscellaneous as in having originally been meant for guests then turned into a storage area for the owners’ belongings and clothes. I guess it’s about time and would serve as a special birthday gift for our little girl, apart from all those other gifts she’ll be getting come her 2nd birthday. Since it falls during the fasting month, there won’t be a party for the birthday girl and her friends. It’ll be more of a little celebration within the family, though we are thinking of having a belated one for her maybe a month later. Let’s just call it her 25th month birthday. InsyaAllah.

I’ve been slowly clearing away things in this particular room usually late at night and started painting (read: touching up with leftover paint of the original colour) a little bit here and there. I don’t know if there’s such a thing of paint going bad but they look alright thus far. I kind of enjoy it actually … painting alone till 3 am at times and singing to 80’s love ballads played over the radio. A freaking sentimental fool getting his personal karaoke kicks while dripping paint all over.

The thing is .. I still can’t bring myself to throw away 5 pieces of furniture in this existing room. Antiques they are not but they were bought with my hard earned money when I just started working more than a decade ago. Not knowing what to do with 2 tall Ikea wardrobes, I’ve resorted to painting them as well (read: wall and wardrobes the same colour). The 2 grey TV consoles will be somewhat combined into 1 and pimped up. Whereas for the Innovation sofa bed that I bought from Actus, I intend to shift it to the living room, hoping something can be done to camouflage the grey metal frame.

The main thing will be storage for Ooyah’s collection of toys, including designated areas for her cot and easel. Meanwhile, I’m sourcing for inspiration and perhaps a theme for her room. I guess it’s safe to say it won’t be pink due to the recycled paint. Also toying with the idea of doing a mural if I have enough time, perhaps of Elmo being hung and shot dead. Her ‘boyfriend’ is really pissing me off these days.

Hmmm … 12 days to finish it … hopefully.

By the way, the 2 pictures above were taken when we first moved in. The current state is far from it. πŸ˜‰

4th August 2008

The whole room’s paint has been touched up, including the sides and tops of the existing wardrobes. The 2 grey TV consoles have been combined, though I’ll probably apply a ‘wood grain’ sticker on it to help blend with most of the wooden elements in the room. Can’t seem to find one costing lesser than $22 per roll. I would need at least a few rolls.

It’s almost like an Ikea showcase with a few furniture placed that we bought from the store a few months ago. Some drilling took place as I installed my almost-a-decade old glass CD cabinet and hung the bright pink mesh storage for some of Ooyah’s toys. Doesn’t look like it can take that much weight actually. Hope it will last at least a year before I have to figure out another method of storing them. And right below the CD cabinet, I’ve placed a kiddy table and chairs set, for her to embark on her usual banter with Elmo.

One of the rarely-used baby cot’s side was removed to convert it into a toddler’s bed. Ooyah seemed to love it as she went up and said ‘Goodnight!’, before pretending to close her eyes. I think the only item that seems to take up too much space is her red tent. We’ll see if it’ll end up folded and in the store room instead.

That about completes Phase 1 of Wak Bungkus’ Extreme Makeover. Phase 2 will start soon after I head down to Ikea for more Danish cheapo furniture.


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8 Responses to “Room To Roam (The Waterboys)”

  1. hehe – coincidentally, we are too doing the same in Divya’s room in our new house. Ofcourse I wanted to help, but with Divya around, it looks like Elan will be embarking on the task alone. We are doing a totally kiddy theme – with some poohbear/mickey mouse silouettes….I didn’t want the pinky room for her. Here’s the website….
    And if this not for you, then you can check out the designs in some of the different rooms on this site.,1792,HGTV_3367,00.html

  2. Both themes would look great in Divya’s room if she’s into the characters. There is no way I’m painting Elmo all over Ooyah’s room though … if not I’ll have to put Elmo’s DVD on loop because she keeps wanting to watch it every time she sees or hears the red furry one.

    I don’t know how long Elan will take to do up Divya’s room, but I think I really don’t have much time till her birthday. Basically 2 hours on average every night … 2 x 12 … leaving exactly 24 hours to do the whole thing.

    I’m feeling all Nate Berkus right now.

  3. Nate is so cute mannnnn. His female clients are probably NOT paying him for design services. They’ve got DESIGNS on him. Get it? So cute mannnn….

  4. You got designs on me also whattt … that’s why you married me. How? I very the DESIGNER right? πŸ˜‰

  5. hahaha – it’s just a pity that Nate is *ahem* *ahem* – aren’t all the good looking ones :p

  6. So are you telling me I’m ugly Mrs Idaho? πŸ˜€

  7. hehe – no lah – how can call the great LamRi ugry??? Wait Fada will come after me for insulting the hubby! And besides, Elan doesn’t know about my generalisation hehe

  8. We hubbies is CUTE … ugly but adorable.

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