Line Dancing To The Oldies (The Speedkings)

I realised something was going on in our neighbourhood when I reached home after work last Saturday night. While a small flea market was held near the atrium’s entrance, quite a crowd made up of mostly senior citizens had gathered at the basketball court. I recognised the type of music that was playing and knew immediately that they were line dancing. I don’t know why but I just get a kick out of watching the old folks line dancing. I used to love heading to Parkway Parade on a Sunday night purely to watch them dance after a round of shopping with the family.

Needless to say, upon reaching the front door, I took Ooyah out with me under the guise of letting her play at the playground so that I could watch the line dancing. I guess she was bewildered that I was bringing her out to the playground at such a time. Quite a few parents had the same idea I reckon, judging by the number of toddlers at the playground when we arrived.

The ones I kept a lookout for were those dressed as cowboys and cowgirls; always the show stealers. This particular night, my attention was focussed on one lone ‘ahpek’ cowboy who was so into the whole thing, complete with facial expressions and dance moves that would put Garth Brooks to shame. He probably danced a lot that night and only took breaks when the DJ played music that was too ‘Cina’ for him. Must maintain mahhh … cowboy what.

Most likely if Caucasians were line dancing, I wouldn’t be interested to watch at all. It’s just the fact that we normally see our local elderly folks doing mundane stuff, not shaking their booties to Country songs. I’ve yet to see the Malay and Indian elderlies at such gatherings though. Quite a good form of exercise I think.

‘Ahpek’ Cowboy … you fluttered my achy breaky heart lah. I’m sure the nyonya who was gazing at you from her balcony felt the same way too. Teach us lehhh … we is Country.

~ by blackcadillac73 on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Line Dancing To The Oldies (The Speedkings)”

  1. malays got kebayarobics 😆 my estate there’s this lone indian man who line dances with a group of chinese aunties. quite a cool dude!

  2. Kebayarobics tak boleh pakai cowboy hat lah … tak best.

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