Frequent Flyers (Deep & Boogie)

Just enough time to watch the sun set over the skyline and for the lights to come on before we alight. That’s how we planned our first ride on the Singapore Flyer last Sunday, as we boarded at around 6.30 pm. It lasted about half an hour and rotated nicely giving panoramic views of the CBD and Marina areas. Unlike our Eye on Malaysia ride, this particular one didn’t freak us out with jerky movements or creaking sounds and was comfortable enough for Ooyah to actually go close to the glass panels by herself and look down below. Bear in mind the Singapore Flyer is about one and a half times the height of Eye on Malaysia.

Loads of photographic opportunities for those who are into landscapes and it’s not surprising why some people opted to view the recent fireworks from the carriages. Something worth considering the next time, provided timing is right. Don’t want to go through the whole cycle only for the fireworks to start once we disembark.

I reckon there were about 20 people inside each carriage, not really claustrophobic although I think it would be a better ride during the weekdays with less crowd. As usual, some people had to test my patience, like some tourists from China who simply cut queue and budged in asking the counter staff questions while we were in the midst of purchasing the tickets. Not even a single “Excuse me” nor the all too often “Excuse”. The third tourist who did that bore the brunt of my ‘instructions’ of course.

I really wonder if the locals view us as pests as well when we are abroad and going about doing things in our usual ways.


~ by blackcadillac73 on September 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Frequent Flyers (Deep & Boogie)”

  1. I heard from Sarah (Ooyah) that you’ve finished painting the room 🙂 – I’m waiting eagerly for the pictures 🙂

  2. Finished painting without mural but have yet to install quite a few things to complete her room. No time to head to Ikea lah. Besides, little kaypohcee keep coming into the room to take a peek at some of her birthday presents.

  3. hehe – not kaypohchee lah – little explorer ahem ahem
    I’ve sent the password for my latest blog post with the photos of the new house to Fada – I forgot your email add! So check them out!
    And I’ll still wait for your pics 🙂

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