Happy Birthday Baby (James Chiello)

12th September 2008

She finally turned 2 yesterday and it proved to be quite a tiring day for us, even though it wasn’t a major birthday celebration involving other people saved for the family. I woke up early to finish up her room with last-minute drillings and installations of the shelves and lights that I had purchased from Ikea the night before, followed by cleaning the whole floor of sand particles.

Fadelinah and I then headed to Jurong Point to purchase whatever items we needed to complete her birthday celebration and eventually stayed locked inside her room as we gift-wrapped her presents. It was tough when we had little kaypohcee constantly knocking on the door, accompanied by her saying things like “Akum!”, “Pintu Kak!” and “Please Elmo!”. I have no idea when the little red furry one became the authoritative figure of the family. We actually had to give her an el cheapo mock present the previous night to stop her from hounding us further.

So her room is complete … almost. I have yet to incorporate my little idea that is only achievable after I head down to Art Friend. Those who have watched ‘Sepet’ might have a clue. It wouldn’t be a messy affair, most likely around 2 hours to complete. The existing carpet needs to be replaced too. Fadelinah said that we probably should have placed a ribbon in front of her room’s entrance for her to cut as an opening ceremony.

Ooyah’s birthday celebration officially commenced after we broke our fast. Following Mak’s nasi ayam and tahu goreng, the birthday girl was made to blow out the flames of the 2 little candles on her Andersen’s ice cream cake. The cake was close to collapsing since yours truly had overestimated the cooling power of the 4 dry ice packs the counter staff placed around the cake and chucked the whole thing inside the refrigerator rather than the freezer compartment. It was delicious nonetheless.

So the event that Ooyah had bugged us for so long finally materialised … the unveiling of her presents. Since she has been denied somewhat a bigger birthday celebration due to the fasting month, we went overboard with her presents. So out came the 3 T.M.X. Sesame Street characters like Ernie, Cookie Monster and her favourite, Elmo. Those were followed by FurReal Friends of Squawkers McCaw and Butterscotch Pony. The latter being the biggest and heaviest present I’ve ever bought for her. Completing the stash were 2 baby doll sets, one with different carriers and the other for bathing. She was delighted with all her presents, though the parrot and pony need further explorations due to their more elaborate functions.

As if 1 celebration venue wasn’t enough, we then headed to Teban Gardens where decorations were already placed around the apartment, including the main entrance … almost like awaiting the arrival of an MP. Ooyah received more toys after she cut her Elmo chocolate cake.

So that’s it. Presents aplenty with a spanking brand new room. Our little girl can’t be any happier.

13th September 2008

Ooyah had a joint birthday celebration with a younger friend in Woodlands, where she received more presents from the guests. I think we’re running out of space to store these toys in her room. Our heartful thanks to these people.

No more toys for her birthdays from now onwards I guess. Books will be more like it. 🙂


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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Baby (James Chiello)”

  1. Happy birthday to Ooyah!! Got brand new room eh? That’s fantastic!

  2. Yeah … her own room after like 2 years. Her Papa soooooo the slow. 😛

  3. salams 🙂 your girl is so cute hugging the elmo 🙂 happy b’day to the b’day girl 🙂

  4. Thanks bunkerangs! No one can separate those 2 lovebirds. 🙂

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