Paper Television (The Blow)

Our freaking 42″ Samsung plasma television in the living room has been dormant since 3 months ago. Can’t really say it’s gone dead entirely as the sound still emits through the home theatre system. Since Hari Raya is approaching and some people have been nagging me to have it serviced, I called Samsung itself to send a technician down. Following the rather slow response by the obviously foreign staff on the other line, I was advised that a fee of $280 was chargeable for their technician to just come by our place to inspect and perhaps rectify the problem. That does not include any spare parts and upon further coaxing from me, she mentioned that the repair itself would likely total up to around $600 to $700.

Aghasted, I called up a local television repair company through the classified ads to send their technician down instead. And it only cost $35 for the appointment. At least this particular guy didn’t beat around the bush and told me that repairing the television would likely cost between $400 to $500. I thought about it for a while before finally deciding to not have it repaired. I’ll just leave it hung on the wall for the white elephant that it is.

Firstly, prices have tumbled since we last bought that damn $3699 plasma television. For a few more hundred dollars I could get a brand new one for less than a thousand these days. The thing that pissed me off about this whole thing is the fact that I was made to believe by various sales people that LCD televisions are generally better compared to plasma ones and both have life spans of around 6 to 7 years. My Samsung unit just reached 3 years old and it’s practically dead. It’s not as though we watch it often as we tend to watch those inside our own bedrooms. The technician actually informed me that LCD televisions tend to last 3 to 4 years, while plasma ones a few years longer, and that Korean brands are not that good as compared to the Japanese ones. He mentioned Sharp as being the best bet when purchasing televisions, something I had long suspected since my old Sharp CRT television lasted me 15 years.

I’ve definitely learnt my lesson. Sharp televisions the next time around and to get one of those 1+5 years warranty offered by some of the dealers. It’s still going to be another LCD television though, as I can’t bring myself to put a bulky CRT television in our apartment. Hmmm … unless Lorgan’s is clearing out their spaceman helmet televisions. Now, that would be a conversation piece.

~ by blackcadillac73 on September 18, 2008.

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